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Welcome to FurBuy!


Welcome to FurBuy, one of the internet's oldest and best FREE furry auction sites! FurBuy was started in December 1999, and since then has been providing quality service, easy-to-use web design, and top-of-the-line auction features to furry buyers and sellers the world over. We pride ourselves in providing full-featured auction services for anthropomorphic art, comics, fursuits, plushies, and more! And best of all, it's completely free to get started.

Getting Started

If you are new to FurBuy, you will first want to create a free account with our New Account Form. When creating a new account, your username is not case-sensitive, but your password will be, so choose wisely. But don't worry: if you forget your password at any time, you can just use the Password Reset Page to retrieve it.

Once you're all finished with setting up your new account, feel free to look around! The main page of the site gives you access to all the auction categories and listings, as well as the top ten Most Popular Auctions, Newest Auctions, and Closing Auctions: great for seeing what's hot, what's new, and what needs to be snapped up quickly! Use the front page as a launch point to start your browsing and auction experience, and feel free to explore and check out the many features and pages on our site!

If you're just starting out, you'll also want to check out the My Account page to set your account preferences. From there, you can also host images, track or post auctions, and create your own MyPage for others to view (see K'sharra's MyPage for an example of what you can do, or Jurann's MyPage for more information on how to personalize your own MyPage).

As you look around the site, you might notice little blue circles like this: These provide valuable information about whatever it is they are placed next to. Use them to help understand the site if you have any questions. We also have a detailed FAQ if you need more help, or if all else fails, please Contact Us with your questions! We're always happy to help.

Starting Your Own Auctions

Starting a new auction is fairly easy. The first thing you'll want to consider is: how will you show what you are selling? Luckily, we offer free image hosting WITH an automatic thumbnail generator, so you can upload, store, and use images on our site for your auctions. Just go to your My Account page under the Images tab to use the image uploader:

You can upload images from your hard drive, or if they are located on another site, you can just enter the URL to have it linked into your images. Linking is less reliable than uploading, because some image hosting sites do not allow remote image linking (like FurAffinity), and some delete submissions with adult content (like PhotoBucket), so we highly recommend uploading your images here to make sure they show up on your auction. You will need to upload (or link) your pictures BEFORE creating a new auction. Once you have them in the system, you can use your pictures over and over again without having to upload every time! So if you sell items more than once, you can just leave your auction image on our systems, and never bother with reuploading it.

With our image uploader, you can opt for the system to create an automatic thumbnail of your picture. NOTE: if your artwork has adult content, you may not be able to use this kind of thumbnail in our Image Gallery! You may want to make your own thumbnail, perhaps a closeup of a non-adult (read: no naughty bits) piece of the art instead.

Once you've uploaded all the images you need, you can use our new one-page Auction Form (as shown on the right here) to start your auction! You can list regular auctions, Dutch auctions, and even private auctions (not displayed on the main site or listings, but directly linkable) on this site. We also encourage use of HTML to make your auction stand out (though if you're not comfortable with HTML, we have a plain text option too).

If you need help on what to include in the content of your auction, we have a very informative page that lists Successful Auction Tips to help make your auction stand out, attract more attention, and hopefully get more buyers. Please take a moment to glance through it, you never know what you could learn!

After you have set up your auction, you will be taken to a preview screen which shows the image you have chosen and the description field. If you are using HTML in your auction, make sure it looks correct in the preview before accepting. Once you accept, your auction is live and ready to take bids! (Unless, of course, you schedule your auction to open at a later date instead of immediately.)

One note about the auction form: we are in the process of removing the confusing "Art Show" section of the site, so don't worry about that part of the form. The "Hot Items" part, though, gives you the ability to submit a thumbnail to be listed in the Image Gallery on the front page of the site. Make sure not to use any adult thumbnails!

Bidding On Auctions

After browsing through the site, you may find some art you'd like to bid on! After all, that is the purpose of the site, right? At the bottom of every auction you'll find everything you need to place your bid quickly and easily.

The "Place Bid" section at the bottom of the auction shows the current and minimum bids, and allows you to place either a proxy or a direct bid: your choice. A direct bid immediately raises the auction price to the amount you enter, while a proxy bid only raises the amount to just enough to beat the next highest bid, and will automatically match others' bids until it reaches the amount you entered. Most people opt for proxy bids so they don't have to watch the auction all the time. Direct bids, though, are a great way to bid on a ladder auction to get to the ladder tier you want.

If the seller has set a "Direct Buy" price on their auction, you can immediately buy the item without having to compete against other bidders. Simply check the box next to "Direct Buy" (no need to enter a bid amount) and hit the "Place Bid" button.

If you are not logged in when you view an auction, the "Place Bid" area will have fields for your username and password, and will automatically log you in when you place your bid. If you are already logged in, it will display your username with the option of changing users.

Just remember, any bids you place are legally binding and cannot be retracted. If you have any questions orconcerns about the auction, there is a "Comment/Question" box right next to the "Place Bid" area so you can send a message directly to the seller. You will get an email when the seller replies to you, or if you check back on the auction, you can read all comments, which are linked in the information at the top of every auction.

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