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About J.C.
Welcome to J.C.'s auction listings page. Here you will find some brief information about the seller followed by their Live Auctions listing below.

You can find J.C. as jc on FurAffinity, J-C on VCL, j-c on DeviantArt, jcjc on LiveJournal, jcdump on Twitter and jc on Weasyl.

J.C. is a FurBuy User and is NOT currently a contributing member of FurBuy.

J.C. has a FurBuy MyPage with more information.

The current rating for J.C. is 87, check their User Profile for details.

You can also view J.C.'s All Auctions or Closed Auctions

There are 3 Live Auctions listed below for J.C.

Live Auctions for J.C.
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Thumb Auction Name  Number   Content  Bids Time Left  Current Bid 
Anthro Venus poster (A2 size / free shipping) [IMG] [HOT] 1098132  GA   -   3 Days 1 Hours  $10.00 
Zootopia Finneck double sides acrylic charm [IMG] [HOT] 1098131  GA   -   3 Days 1 Hours  $4.00 
Zootopia Nick and Judy postcard + sticker [HOT] 1089228  GA   -   3 Days 1 Hours  $2.00 
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