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FurBuy - MyPage for Jurann
Jurann's MyPage
   Hey there! Thanks for coming to look at MyPage on the FurBuy system. This page is just a little demonstration of how the MyPage feature can be used in order to help people find more of your work or more information about you. By creating a MyPage you can build a little more interest and trust from the users by sharing something about yourself as well. You can easily view another user's MyPage (if they have one) by going to their Contact Info page and clicking on the MyPage link there or by viewing an auction that the user is the seller or high bidder in and clicking on the MyPage icon following their name. If a user does not have a MyPage setup, then neither of those links will appear.
   In order to create your own MyPage, simply log in to your My Account pages and click the Prefs tab. Toward the bottom of the page you'll see a MyPage Settings section. Simply type in the HTML or text you would like to appear in your MyPage, then check the Activate checkbox just above it and click the Update MyPage Settings button just below it. Once your MyPage is active, there will be a link on the same line as the Activate checkbox which you can use to View your recently activated MyPage. Furthermore as a gesture of how much I think having a MyPage will improve your standing, I would be happy to make anyone a MyPage based on their website or something you send me in e-mail that you can put in here.
   Please do not override the default page settings for colors and styles. The easiest way to avoid this is to be sure you do NOT include any HEAD or BODY tags in the HTML you place in your MyPage text box. What you put in your MyPage is completely up to you, but please be considerate of load times and site design. Also keep in mind that you are limited to 64k of text in your MyPage field. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy this great new feature!
My Websites:
  • Jurann's Furnation Page
  • Jurann's FurCen.Org Page
  • Other Cool Sites:
  • The Furry Database
  • FurCen.Org
  • FuroticaMUCK
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