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Auction Listings : Fursuits : Commissions

This category encompasses commissions for the making of a full or partial fursuit or the making of components and accessories for fursuits. Please note this is for fursuits which are unmade or unfinished, use the other categories for suits that are already completed. This category is split between GA and Mature.

Additional Sub-Categories:    General Audience (10)
Mature Audience (1)

There are currently 11 live, public auctions in this listing.  

Fursuits Auctions:
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Thumb  Auction Name  Content Seller Ends In Bids Current Bid
 Tiger Head Ring Steel [IMG]  GA   ChanceTooth   18 Hours 37 Minutes  -  $19.95 
 Silicone molds commission [HOT]  GA   KaNo   1 Days 18 Hours  -  $300.00 
 Fursuit head commissions [IMG][HOT]  GA   saigozangetzu   1 Days 18 Hours  -  $450.00 
 Uniquely short styled tail with options [HOT]  GA   kuro222   2 Days 14 Hours  -  $60.00 
 Uniquely styled tail with options [HOT]  GA   kuro222   2 Days 15 Hours  -  $100.00 
 feline head commission [IMG][HOT]  GA   cammy123   3 Days 18 Hours  -  $800.00 
 custom dog head ladder auction [HOT]  Adult   cammy123   3 Days 18 Hours  -  $1000.00 
 Christmas sale digi fullsuit commissions! [IMG][HOT]  GA   cammy123   3 Days 18 Hours  -  $1000.00 
 Manokit Artistic liberty suit [IMG][HOT]  GA   FrostWolfSuits   7 Days 18 Hours  -  $820.00 
 DIscounted Fursuit Commissions [HOT]  GA   marshmallowe   10 Days 19 Hours  -  $500.00 
 Custom Padded HandPaw Commission!!! [HOT]  Adult   ColorfulLittleWolf   11 Days 18 Hours  -  $195.00 
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