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Auction Listings : Fursuits : Materials/Scraps

For components or scraps of material to be used in the making of fursuits. This includes eyes, claws, fabric, fur, unfinished heads/tails/paws, etc. This also includes fursuit accessories and props.

There are currently 7 live, public auctions in this listing.  

Fursuits Auctions:
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Thumb  Auction Name  Content Seller Ends In Bids Current Bid
 fur scrap 7 [IMG]  Any   sylfur25   12 Hours 28 Minutes  -  $1.00 
 Black/Red Faux Fur Remnants [IMG][HOT]  Any   sewingstuffs   1 Days 0 Hours  -  $15.00 
 Scrap Fur Box [IMG][HOT]  Any   sewingstuffs   1 Days 0 Hours  -  $10.00 
 fur scrap 8 [IMG]  Any   sylfur25   1 Days 11 Hours  -  $1.00 
 fur scrap 10 [IMG]  Any   sylfur25   1 Days 13 Hours  -  $1.00 
 Glass Heterochromia Eyes  Any   lovedream   3 Days 1 Hours  1  $20.00 
   DVC Sergal Resin Eyes  Any   LunarBlood   7 Days 1 Hours  -  $25.00 
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