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What do consumers look for in a fursuit?

Posted at 2013-03-08 00:30:58 by FuzzyBunsOfSteel (0) FurAffinity Logo

This was something I've been researching for months, but I haven't quite figured anything too specific out besides just good craftsmanship and good seller's etiquette.

Soooo, with that said, any specific fur colors or species that you see that take off instantaneously? Foxes, wolves, cats? What's more likely to be purchased? Something mundane or some strange species nobody's heard of that was made really well so you actually know what it is?

Maybe I'm over thinking the tools of the trade, here. If I am, just let me know the basics, I'm not quite ready, skillwise to do anything as bizarre as I speak anyways, lol.

I'm just looking for advice as a new fursuit builder so I might be able to get better and sell my own stuff if I need money or something. I pop in this place, at least, once a day to see the skill level, pricing, interaction between the seller and consumers and even the photographs that are taken of the product. How that works and how the seller tries to sell their product. I want to do this right and i want to give as much insight about the fursuit as I can. I'm a big video fan. I hAVE to see videos of suits people are selling, I want to see how it moves, acts, looks.

I usually record myself on film throughout my building process, probably doing more than I need to for a WIP, but I want to figure out my character before I finish it and I like to feel what I've created. Looks are everything and can help determine the personality!

I did try to sell a head not too long ago, but I was too ambitious with showing it to everyone and I had a negative attitude towards my hard work when it was critiqued. I needed the money pretty badly and I was strongly advised on live journal and here not to sell him. So, I didn't sell him and I feel I've wasted my time and energy on something that will take up space. I understand now, I won't make anything to sell, at this time until I'm much better.

IN the meantime, studying about the market and what people like in the fursuiting world is a great way to prep myself to make another head that I can sell that's neat, clean-cut constructed with care, and good stewardship! Also, I won't be giving the consumer who's relying on an artist like me, something that's a crumbled piece of paper, basically!

Maybe, one day, I can produce unique heads that sell themselves the moment they hit the market. Maybe that's a biiiit far ahead of my skills, but I can aim for that, right?

Any insight from experience is greatly appreciated! Once again, if I'm over thinking it, which I tend to do, just let me know, Its pretty simple! Thanks!

Posted at 2013-03-20 21:20:52 by rocketcorgi (54) Twitter Logo FurAffinity Logo DeviantArt Logo

Re: What do consumers look for in a fursuit?
I don't own any fursuits, but I do know quite a bit about them, so hopefully I can be somewhat helpful.

Foxes are VERY popular within the furry community, so fursuits of them tend to often sell REALLY well and quickly. (i.e, see here: http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1040712.html ).

You need to know which audience you're targeted towards: Are you into making realistic suits, or toony suits? In my observing it seems toony suits sell really well when they're made from popular dog breeds, whereas realistic suits sell better when they're made from wolves, big cats, and coyotes/foxes. Often mythical creatures sell well when they're made to look realistic. (We're talking $800 - $2,000 for a quality suit/partial)

Quality: For me, it's all about aesthetics and quality. Is the fur in the right direction? Are the teeth relatively close to the actual animal? It's the little things that count. Quality should be most important too. As for ventilation, fans are not as popular as it may seem. They don't mean anything if there's no way for air to flow through the head. This is why many builders put ventilation holes in the ears, nose, and mouth. This is CRUCIAL. Along with shaving properly (people use scissors to take out bulk parts of the fur and an electric razor to even it out)

Follow tutorials on http://fursuit.livejournal.com, and TAKE CRITIQUE! People aren't out to hurt you or put you down unless you allow them to. Fursuits don't just make themselves perfect overnight, it takes many months and years of practice. I did take a look at your head and you're quite talented! You have TONS of potential and honestly that head is not bad at all.

Try different techniques, and don't give up!

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