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New Site Design

Posted at 2017-01-07 12:57:55 by Admin.Tiborus (0) Weasyl Logo

We've been planning a new site design for years now and in the last year we've actually made some real solid progress on updating the back-end of our system to move it to a more world-class system and to a much more solid platform that's easier to work with and faster to develop on. And while the back-end side of things has been coming along swimmingly we've been trying to work with some volunteer designers over the last couple years and sadly that side hasn't been going well. We don't want to release a new site to everyone that still looks like 1999 and isn't optimized for mobile so here's our plan:

We are currently seeking a professional web designer to work with our software engineers to design a mobile-first modern web interface that looks and feels amazing to go on top of the fantastic new system they've been working hard on for years (myself included). You can find some more details about that here:

We're hoping to spend 3-4 months working iteratively with a designer to come up with the overall look and feel of the navigation and some of the key pages of the site, followed by another 3-4 months of integration and engineering development to flesh-out all of the rest of the site and then release the new system hopefully by year-end in 2017.

We are also likely going to try to fund the new site design through a Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign or similar - awarding subscriptions and long-term or lifetime membership levels to help fund the design process. We can likely afford to cover it even without support but we'd really like to include the community and give everyone a chance to pitch in to help make the new system a reality. Once we have a solid designer working with us and have ironed-out all of the contractual matters we'll release more details about that and how development is progressing.

Thanks for your support and please feel free to reply here if you have any questions, comments or feature requests.

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