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blocking suspended users

Posted at 2016-06-26 08:06:10 by coffeehousedog (31) FurAffinity Logo

So, l was just curious. I know people can have their accounts suspended/banned after enough negative feedback and whatnot. My question is -- is there anything in place to prevent these people just from making a new account and doing the same things again? When people are suspended do we (can we) block an ip address or something, so the same people aren't just registering with different names? Just wondering, thanks. :)

Posted at 2016-07-08 21:53:33 by Admin.Sparks (0)

Re: blocking suspended users
Users on FurBuy are only permitted to have one account. The admin staff does our best to catch and suspend all duplicate accounts. However if you suspect that an account is a false account you can email us. FurBuy.com@gmail.com

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