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New Ad Banners

Posted at 2016-03-07 23:34:33 by Admin.Tiborus (0) Weasyl Logo

In an attempt to give something new and different a try we have started to implement some Google Ad Banners in various places on the site. Since we are not having much luck with folks purchasing our furry-themed ad banners and the site is losing a lot of money each month this is an effort to recoup expenses and pay for the site. We no longer have the benefactors who used to pay for the site for us and we now must make the site profitable to keep it running and pay the admin staff, tech team staff and the new design staff. The good news is that if this does indeed increase our coffers to the point where the site is profitable we will be spending the vast majority of that money improving FurBuy and giving back to the community. So please don't enable your ad blockers and help support the cost of the site moving forward.

If you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate to let us know.

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