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Site Redesign and Improvements

Posted at 2016-02-26 13:52:49 by Admin.Tiborus (0) Weasyl Logo

Just a quick note that site redesign and many other improvements (some behind the scene and some which will be quite public) are underway and have been for a few weeks now. The new admin team has been instrumental in helping to identify problems and missing features both for admins and for our users. We have begin tracking and prioritizing improvements and features and we have a ton of great stuff coming down the pipe. We're hoping to announce a really important and useful new communications tool in the next day or two.

AS ALWAYS - We welcome your feedback and rely on hearing from you to help let us know where the attention is needed. We always make user requests a high priority so if FurBuy is lacking for you in some way we need to hear about it.

Posted at 2016-02-28 23:35:38 by Admin.Tiborus (0) Weasyl Logo

Site Layout Oddness
Some of you may have noticed the site layout has changed a bit. And in some odd ways. For full disclosure we're aware of the issues and we're slowly addressing them as we find them and get a chance to work on them. This is part of modernizing our site and enhancing it with new tools and framework to move it forward on. Part of the first step to advancing is shaking things up a little bit. Please bear with us and let us know if any particular pages are ... more broken than others.

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