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Making and selling premades

Posted at 2016-02-25 15:38:47 by MushroomMakers (0)

I'm almost finished with my second fursuit head and have realized I have quite a bit of fur and foam left, as well as various furs from other projects. In passing, I joked that I should make a few more fur suit heads and sell them. After a while I realized that it was almost a possibility.

The plan is that I design some fursuit heads (I have enough for 3 now but will probably buy more stuff later) and maybe a few tail/ear sets, that utilize the fur in the amounts that I have it and sell premades with small options for things like add eyelashes, maybe a piercing, stuff like that. I would sell them at pretty low prices, enough to make any money spent back and pay for shipping supplies but not charge too much because I know I am still learning a lot and would be competing with makers much more experienced than me. I have been following furbuy listings for a while and it seems some people are pretty active making premades and selling them so I know its at least a thing that happens.

I have worked on commission before for things like leather and clothing but for this I would not be taking commissions yet. I do not feel like I could meet needs for people who want specific characters quite yet and since making premades would be more of a hobby to get experience, I would only feel comfortable posting when they are 100% done and I know I can deliver.

I want to make fursuit heads for experience and fun but I don't want any more random heads hanging around my apartment. My question is, how plausible is this and what's the best way of going about it? Any tips, advice, warnings, pricing advice, animals that are popular, etc would be helpful! I want to do a lot of research before getting in over my head, no pun intended. (Who am I kidding, pun always intended)

Few things about me that might be helpful to know:
I am financially stable enough to buy materials but am a huge couponer as well. I have a work space so that is no problem. I'm a great people person but have a bit of trouble saying no so any tips with that are welcome. I'm a crazy researcher and don't do things like this without a lot of planning so any links are appreciated. I've worked on commission before and always have projects going and am a theatre artist by trade so creative work under deadline is a pretty familiar territory.

Posted at 2016-02-26 13:54:24 by AuraFurry (14) MyPage Logo Weasyl Logo SoFurry Logo FurAffinity Logo LiveJournal Logo

Re: Making and selling premades
Canines are very popular and I seem to see them sell a lot.
Also users buy premades all the time. I say go for it. If it's something you want to do you might as well :)

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