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How To Report Bugs

Posted at 2013-02-25 18:24:51 by Admin.Jurann (0) Twitter Logo LiveJournal Logo

When reporting bugs about the site, it is very helpful to our team if you can provide as much detail as possible. You're free to post bug reports in this forum or by sending us e-mail to furbuy.com@gmail.com - please note the latter is more discreet and will likely lead to a faster response.

When sending a bug report, please try to include the following information:

- What you were attempting to do when you got the error
- The URL showing in your browser when you got the error
- Any error message on the screen when you got the error
- Your browser name and version number (I.e. Firefox 19.0 or Chrome 25.0)
- Your FurBuy username

We do greatly appreciate your bug reports as they help us improve the site for everyone!

Posted at 2016-02-26 10:54:11 by Admin.Tiborus (0) Weasyl Logo

Re: How To Report Bugs
As an added aside - taking a screenshot of your full browser window when you find an error includes most (if not all) of the information asked for above.

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