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Whats a good way to attract more buyers?

Posted at 2014-07-27 21:51:06 by Nicolette_Frost (0) FurAffinity Logo

Just need a few tips

Posted at 2014-07-28 20:44:21 by Jurann (234) MyPage Logo Twitter Logo WikiFur Logo Weasyl Logo InkBunny Logo SoFurry Logo DeviantArt Logo LiveJournal Logo Facebook Logo

Attracting Bidders
That's a good question, but usually folks don't like the answer: you need to build a social network and get seen.

Here's a list of ideas:
- Build a following on big social media sites like FA, Weasyl, InkBunny, etc.
- Build a Twitter following by watching other well-known furries
- Join popular forums and mailing lists similar in theme to items you are selling
- Use the above to advertise your skills, services and auctions (where appropriate, do not violate policies)
- Ask friends and/or fans to "pimp" your auctions by linking them from their feeds and blogs
- Consider taking out banner ads on major sites like FA, FurBuy, Weasyl, etc.
- Write a great, thorough and inspiring auction description/image that encourages users to bid!

Depending on what you're selling, there are a number of useful communities on various sites to help your auctions get seen. If you do anything with fursuits, then the LiveJournal community "fursuit_auctions" will be a HUGE boon to your views and bids!

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