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Auction comments.

Posted at 2014-03-04 21:21:08 by SuitsByShark (22) FurAffinity Logo DeviantArt Logo

I understand that the site staff can't catch everything that goes on [though everyone does an absolutely wonderful job of resolving things, so props to you guys!], but here's one issue that bugs me:
Auction comments.

This is a site specifically for selling. I really do wish there was a rule that only people with legitimate questions can comment on the auctions.
Comments like "Oh so cute~!" and "I wish I had money!" are completely unnecessary on a site SPECIFICALLY FOR SELLING. Sellers sometimes have website and gallery links next to their names; users should post general "praise" comment on the item if it's posted in the seller's art gallery, NOT the auction itself.

It just seems a lot like spam to me.

But that's just my humble opinion.

tl;dr version of this post: I would really like general comments to not be allowed to be posted on auctions; only questions related to the item being sold.

Posted at 2014-03-21 19:38:56 by Jurann (233) MyPage Logo Twitter Logo WikiFur Logo Weasyl Logo InkBunny Logo SoFurry Logo DeviantArt Logo LiveJournal Logo Facebook Logo

Re: Auction comments.
Yeah, there has been a LOT of commenting that's not really on-topic on auctions lately. The trouble right now is that some sellers LIKE the extra comments while others do not. In the site refresh, we plan to address this by allowing sellers to set a preference that informs users about their wishes prior to their comment being placed.

Posted at 2016-03-16 10:16:39 by Sarahcat (86) Twitter Logo FurAffinity Logo

Re: Auction comments.
You're definitely not alone on thinking this. Really ruins my mood when someone comments with, "I wish I had money! ;-;" or "Can you trade/lower the price*?" Then I feel bad because I think I give off a snarky reply or others think it's a kind gesture but in reality, it's not.

*Illegal and against the site's rules but some people don't read.

Posted at 2016-03-16 20:38:47 by Admin.Tiborus (0) Weasyl Logo

Re: Auction Comments
How does this sound? What if we allow sellers to set a preference option in their profile that says "Warn about off-topic posts" that when enabled pops-up a warning message to whoever is about to comment which states something like the following:

"The seller of this item has respectfully asked that no off-topic comments be posted to their auctions. Before you proceed please ensure that your question meets the following requirements:
1. You have a valid question which has not already been asked or answered.
2. Your comment adds something constructive to the seller or auction (not just compliments).
3. Your comment is thoughtful and on-topic regarding the auction and only the auction.
4. Your comment is not disparaging or inappropriate (asking to lower price, saying you're broke)."

Do you think that would be useful in cutting down the amount of inane or useless or rude/unprofessional comments?

Posted at 2016-03-16 20:45:14 by Admin.Tiborus (0) Weasyl Logo

Re: Auction Comments
Actually just thought up another option that could work. What if as part of the comment form we add a drop-down which allows the person about to comment to categorize what type of comment it is from a list: Question, Compliment, Useful Info, Other

Then in your seller profile can you set types of comments you don't want to receive on your auctions (except questions those will always be on). Then if they try to submit the form using one of the choices which is not allowed their comment isn't posted and they're given a warning.

The benefit here is that it really forces people to think and if they want to lie to get the comment posted anyway then they make themselves a prime candidate for a blacklist. The drawback is that they can always choose Question or a type of comment you DO want and still get around the block.

Posted at 2016-03-17 04:51:09 by Sarahcat (86) Twitter Logo FurAffinity Logo

Re: Auction Comments
Personally I really like both ideas but feel more inclined to the first one. Something about pop-ups (that aren't malware) actually catch my eye when utilized by a website.

Posted at 2016-03-17 10:10:02 by Admin.Tiborus (0) Weasyl Logo

Re: Auction Comments
The question is: will anyone actually bother to read what's in the pop-up or just instinctively and immediately dismiss it without thinking? We could do something silly like say that to proceed you need to click the fifth word of the third point in the pop-up but that could wind up pissing some people off that you play brain games with them. They may also develop a mentality of just finding the clue to the word to click to proceed without reading what's there too.

A drop-down selection makes them think a bit more about their comment itself and what category it falls under. We wouldn't let them submit a comment without choosing a valid option from the drop-down (the default would be "Select Comment Type" which is not submit-able).

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