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FurBuy Nutshell Policies

Let's face it, the Terms of Use is long and hard to read. So we've created this simple, bullet-point list of the rules for the site. If you follow these 100% of the time, you will stay out of trouble 98% of the time or better. This isn't a complete substitute for the full Terms of Use, of course, but you can use this as a handy abbreviated reference.


  • We do not delete accounts, if you think your old account might be gone, it's not
  • You are not permitted to share your account or login credentials with others
  • Users must keep their account info up to date at all times
  • It is illegal to create an account just to get user information from the site
  • If you forgot your login info staff can help you regain access to your account Contact Us
  • If you have significant others, roommates or family using the site let our staff know immediately!

    Illegal (not only a violation of policy, also criminal offenses):

  • Bidding on your own auctions
  • Having a friend or family member bid on auctions for you
  • Claiming to be someone you are not (this is fraud)
  • So, don't EVER: bid on your own auctions, ask someone to bid for you, claim to be someone else

    Privacy / Content:

  • Users need to know their local sales/auction laws and abide by them
  • Users need to be of age of legal contract to buy/sell
  • Admins must protect and keep private users' information *
  • Users must also keep their information private
  • Never post your e-mail or other contact info in auction descriptions or comments!
  • Users indenmify site/admins of any legal costs or actions and accept full responsibility for their use of site
  • All items for sale must be furry-themed or furry-related
  • Socially offensive content should be avoided if possible
  • User Avatars (icons) may not contain adult content
  • Multi-artist auctions (multi-item) are not permitted, collaborations (single item) are permitted
  • Images you upload to FurBuy can only be used for FurBuy purposes
  • You accept all responsibility for selling copyrighted/trademarked materials
  • Plagiarism is not permissible

    Default Auction Rules (by default these apply to all auctions unless stated otherwise):

  • Bidders pay for shipping by default unless otherwise stated in auction description
  • Bidders have 14 days by default to make payment to the seller *
  • Sellers must allow a minimum of 72 hours for payment after an auction closes
  • Sellers should ship items such that an item arrives within 14 days from time of payment
  • All bids are in US Dollars unless otherwise stated in the auction description
  • Bids can only be removed by an admin with authorization via email from BOTH parties!
  • When Reserve Price is not met, there is no obligation to complete the sale for either party
  • All sales are considered final - no refunds, returns or exchanges
  • Closing prices are non-negotiable - you pay what you bid, no haggling after an auction ends


  • New accounts (less than 14 days old) may not: use Direct Buy or bid in Last 24 Hours of an auction *
  • All bids are a legally binding contract to purchase an item, you are expected to pay for winnings
  • Even if you are not the winning bidder, you may be obligated to complete your bid *
  • It is illegal to bid on your own auctions or those of friends to "bump up the price"
  • Bids placed by fraudulent or incomplete accounts can be removed by admins without notice
  • Users are not permitted to make private offers/trades for items currently up for auction
  • Bids may only be made/paid for using monetary vlaue, FurBuy is not setup for trades!


  • Auctions with bids on them cannot be closed, auctions without bids can be closed anytime
  • Sellers must be in possession and the legal owner of all items they post for sale
  • Hot Item images may not contain any clearly adult content
  • Sellers may not place graphical ad banners in their auction/item descriptions *
  • Auctions cannot be used for the primary purpose of advertising or redirection to another site
  • Sellers grant Host exclusive right to represent listed items for sale, which means:
  • Sellers are not permitted to accept private offers/trades for items they currently have up for auction
  • Sellers may not post an item currently up for auction to another auction site for sale

    Messages and Comments:

  • Comments should be well-written, professional and positive in tone
  • Adult conversations should include the word "Adult" in the title/subject if possible
  • Admins reserve the right to screen/remove any offensive or inappropriate messages


  • If you ever have the slightest question/concern please contact our staff right away!
  • All payments/donations to FurBuy are non-transferrable and non-refundable
  • Admins may update policies at any time without notice but obliged to inform of updates

  • * Some exceptions apply, see full Terms of Use for details

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    Further use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use