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FurBuy Contributing Membership

The best way you can support FurBuy and help keep the site running for years to come is to become a Contributing Member. Membership on FurBuy is fast, affordable and easy to obtain through Paypal or other payment methods. In addition to a warm, fuzzy feeling you'll get from supporting FurBuy, you'll also get enhanced features and removal of any and all limitations that free accounts are subject to. More details below.

Membership Benefits

Becoming a Contributing Member gives you several benefits over a regular free account:  

Free AccountContributing Member
3 auctions at a timeUnlimited simultaneous auctions
Up to 3 Image Gallery auctionsUnlimited Image Gallery auctions
One Hot Item (front page) auction5 Hot Item (front page) auctions
Annual $900 sales limitUnlimited annual sales
Image size limit: 800 x 800Image size limit: 1000 x 1000
Image file space: 2MBImage file space: 15MB
Simple Seller Spotlight listingSeller Spotlight w/ Thumbnails

Membership Dues

Contributing Memberships are currently priced at US $18.00 per year and you may purchase up to five years of membership in advance. Any contribution above that amount will not apply to membership. Sellers are also welcome to hold support auctions in order to raise funds for becoming a Contributing Member (a feature may be added shortly to help facilitate this). Please note that our holding company, PanDimMar LLC, may also take contributing memberships at a higher level which also include membership to the FurBuy system.

Becoming a Member

Joining FurBuy as a Contributing Member is easy! If you have a PayPal account, simply enter your username in the field below then click the button below to begin your contribution, using the button will bill you US $18 for a 1 Year Contributing Membership. Please be sure to fill out the Username field as well so we know which account to credit the contribution to! Once we receive the contribution through PayPal, we will typically process your membership in 24-48 hours. If you would like to purchase more than one year, you may send payment through PayPal to at a rate of US $18 per year for up to 5 years in advance, please also leave your username so we know who to credit the contribution to.

Subscribe to FurBuy via PayPal
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Lesser Contributions / Identity Verification

If you would like to help support FurBuy but do not wish to contribute enough for a full year's membership, you may use the Donate button below and contribute whatever amount you wish to aid our cause. Contributions of US $5.00 or more will grant you a special title of "FurBuy Contributor" on the system. If you decide to upgrade to full membership within 90 days, we'll apply your lesser contribution towards the price of full membership - just make sure you make note of that when you make your additional contribution!

Additionally, you may make this $5 contribution through Paypal to establish your identity and fiscal responsibility with our system and thereby gain a positive feedback and rating. This is not only important to help in keeping the site running, but also helps sellers be more secure and know that your bids can be counted on. If you are a new user (your account is less than 14 days old) this contribution will also permit you access to bidding on auctions in the final 24 hours and in using the Direct Buy feature. Due to issues with fraud and shill accounts, we have been forced to enact this restriction. Alternatively, if contributing to FurBuy is not in your financial means, we do permit users to verify their identity through more traditional means and for free, Contact Us for more details. Regardless of which method you choose, please allow up to 24 hours for our admin team to review your contribution and apply it to your account.

If you do not have Paypal

If you prefer to contribute via a Personal Check, Cashier's Check or Money Order you can do so by sending the amount of US $18.00 to us at:

Pan-Dimensional Marketplace LLC
5219 156th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052 - USA
Please allow more time with this method for shipping and clearing of the funds, and note that your one year membership will not be effected by that waiting time.

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