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FurBuy - Contests

Welcome to our Contest Center! Occasionally we run contests to help promote the site and make things more interesting for our site users. Keep an eye out to enter and/or vote! If you would like to be notified of future contests being held, please join our LiveJournal Community or keep an eye on the News section of our Front Page!

T-Shirt Design Contest
Entry Submission: Closed!
Voting: Closed!
Prize: Free T-Shirt!

Well it's been a tough decision, picking the winner(s) of the FurBuy T-shirt contest. And this is the first time I've ever run a contest like this, so it has definitely been a learning experience!

Originally we had designed the contest as a combination T-Shirt/Mascot contest. However, we discovered that maybe (this SHOULD have been a "duh") we should have run the mascot and T-shirt design contests separately. But that would have been smart! *facepalm* So we've decided to take the contest and split it into two.

The winner of Best T-Shirt Design is MilesDF with his piece, "The Improvisator"!

It was a tough choice, but Miles' piece just had so much action and dynamic posing and life... We simply couldn't pass up having a T-shirt with this piece on it. Thank you, Miles, for doing such a fantastic piece! You'll be receiving your shirt soon!

If you are interested in getting a T-Shirt, mug, mousepad, print, or any other paraphernalia with Miles' design on it, please visit our Official CafePress Site!

Mascot Contest
Entry Submission: Closed!
Voting: Closed!
Prize: Free T-Shirt!

As you can see above, this is the second part of what was once the T-Shirt/Mascot contest. The winner of this contest is Porter the Packrat by FurryVenus of FurAffinity. We will be working on a way to introduce Porter into the design of the site. LET US KNOW if you have any suggestions for how to do so!

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