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FurBuy - Auction Injection

Auction Injection is a great feature that allows you to list LIVE auction information in your own web content (such as your own website, Wiki, blog, etc.). Auction Injection is great for sellers who have their own website or host artwork on multiple sites, because it automatically lets people know when you have auctions, and helps bring bidders to your auctions.


Auction Name  Number   Content  Bids Time Left  Current Bid 
Traditional Media Badges 1002422  GA   1   2 Hours 16 Minutes  $8.00
Custom Sculpted Badge 1002425  GA      2 Hours 23 Minutes  $13.00
Digital Pet Portrait 1002426  GA   3   2 Hours 24 Minutes  $35.00
Digital Conbadges 1002427  GA   1   2 Hours 28 Minutes  $8.00


Please note, the above is an example only. Your Auction Injection will include up-to-date information about all of your live auctions, and will update automatically with the auction info as changes are made on FurBuy. This way, you never have to manually list your auctions: this feature does all the work for you!

How to Install Auction Injection

Installing to a Static Webpage/Site:

Inserting live auctions into your web content is -easy- to do! Just copy and paste the following line into your web content wherever you want live auction information to appear:

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://www.furbuy.com/cgi/jsauction.cgi?seller=username">

NOTE: You MUST replace the 'username' in the line with the FurBuy username of the seller whose auction(s) you want to list. Alternately, you can specify a single auction instead by replacing 'seller=' with 'id=' and replacing 'username' with the auction number. Also keep in mind, this feature is constantly under development and may change a bit over time. You can view a sample of how the Auction Injections works in practice at K'sharra's Den, one place where the feature is being used right now.

Using Auction Injection to List Multiple Auctions by Different Sellers:
We've added a new feature which allows you to create a sort of 'project listing' by placing multiple auctions into one listing. This is great for multi-artist projects as it allows you to list all of the involved auctions together in one place. Much like the above, you simply supply a comma-delimited list of the auction numbers for the 'id' field (no spaces) like so:

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://www.furbuy.com/cgi/jsauction.cgi?id=1009049,1008985,1009078,1009087"></script>

Installing to a Blog/Journal:

Follow the same procedure as described immediately above to make your live auction listings appear in your own blog or journal system. NOTE: Some blogging systems such as LiveJournal do not allow dynamic content to be posted in any part of their system, and render this feature inoperable in those instances. If you have any feedback about workarounds, please let us know.

Sites That Do Not Allow Scripting:

When a website does not allow <script> tags or dynamic content, you can just add a direct link to your seller page by copy-and-pasting the following link(s):

<a href=http:///www.furbuy.com/seller/username.html>Click here to see my live FurBuy auctions!</a>

Or if the site does not allow simple HTML:


NOTE: Make sure to replace "username" with your actual FurBuy username, or the link will not work. This link will take visitors to your seller page on FurBuy, which shows all of your current live auctions.

Custom Color Templates

Auction Injection also makes use of a user-definable templating/style system so you will eventually be able to customize the appearance and functionality of the listings on your own site. The templating system is in place now, and working correctly, and we are in the process of developing the user interface for viewing and editing templates. If you'd like a customized style template in the meantime, please Contact Us and include a URL to the site you'd like to have the auctions appear on. We can setup a custom style template based on your site's layout and color coding. The Auction Injection at K'sharra's Den as mentioned above has a custom template to match her site.

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