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FurBuy - Contact Us

Need to contact us? You can send us e-mail at furbuy.com@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within an hour or two, often much faster). If you need help more urgently, please see the IM info below.

We also have a number of online communities where you can ask questions, get answers from other users, or post information about your auctions:

FurBuy Forums

FurBuy LiveJournal Community

@FurBuy on Twitter

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Instant Messengers:

As a tentative measure, we're adding our IM information here for cases where users have an urgent situation that needs to be dealt with. Please do not spam or harass our admins or you will be blocked on these IM networks and may face admin response regarding your account privileges on FurBuy.


  • When sending an IM or initiating an IM add request to one of our admins, please initially identify yourself as a FurBuy user and include your username.
  • PLEASE CHECK THE STATUS OF THE ADMIN BEFORE SENDING A MESSAGE! If an admin is in Do Not Disturb (DND) or Mobile (Cullular) mode do not message them. Disturbing an admin while sleeping or in DND mode is not likely to get you a useful, friendly or helpful response.
  • If you cannot see status or mobile status then please do not message them or get a client that can show you that status. (Trillian and the actual AIM client can both show status.)
  • Do not contact an admin by IM unless there is a reasonably urgent issue you need dealt with, unless you've established one of our admins as a contact already.
  • Our admins will usually be happy to help you out with site issues, but please do not contact us just to chat unless you're invited to individually by an admin.

Sparks - FurBuy Community Manager - Primary Contact

Info Coming Soon

Jurann - FurBuy Programmer and Sysadmin - Secondary Contact


AIM: urzapolariz

Yahoo: ursapolaris

Gmail/Gtalk: polaris.ursa

There are plans to place a Contact Form here as well so anyone can just drop a note from this page quickly and easily. Stay tuned!

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