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Welcome to the FurBuy Classifieds Beta Homepage!

What is FurBuy Classifieds?

The purpose of FurBuy Classifieds is to provide a service for posting and bartering with other users for goods, services and collaborations.

We use the traditional newspaper style Want Ads and Wanted Ads system, along with a few modern web twists and advances.

So how does it work?

If you're looking to give away, barter or negotiate an item or service you would Post a new Want Ad. If you're looking to find someone who can provide you with an item or service then you would Post a new Wanted Ad. Either way, clearly explain what you're looking for, and if capable provide images.

Once posted, your Classified will be visible in the Browse/Listings pages for other users to view. If someone is interested, they will place an initial offer and from there the two parties can barter until reaching an agreement (and Accepting the Offer) or an impasse (and Rejecting the Offer).

Known Issues/Incomplete Features:

  1. Additional Listings pages not implemented (P1)
  2. Post/Offer/Comment Messaging w/ options (P1)
  3. Client side form validation incomplete (P1)
  4. Edit Classified Ad incomplete (P1)
  5. Maintenance service to close expired ads (P1)
  6. Private message system incomplete (P1)
  7. Classifieds Basic Search incomplete (P1)
  8. My Account - Classifieds incomplete (P2)
  9. Dashboard styling improvements (P2)
  10. Mobile-friendly image selection incomplete (P2)
  11. Membership limitations not yet implemented (P2)
  12. Classifieds Advanced Search incomplete (P2)
  13. Image upload replace & JPG convert (P2)
  14. New Classifieds Index Page (Beta End)

Note to Beta Testers:

This is an external, public Beta test. Please do browse around, post some comments and offers, post a classified or two, check out and have some discussions on the forums, and poke around freely.

All data in this public Beta is considered live and valid and will NOT be wiped from our records! If you wish to test features or functionality, please be sure to clearly mark your actions with the word "TEST" in order to make that clear.

You will need to have a FurBuy account to use this site, if you don't have one yet you can make one on the normal/current FurBuy site through the New Account link.

An important thing to keep in mind is that this is NOT the final look/feel of the new site. It's Beta and still being worked on and improved. YOU have the unique and distinct possibility to help shape the future of this site!

Please Contact Us at furbuy.com@gmail.com with your thoughts, questions, comments and feedback! These can all also be reported using the new Forums system in the appropriate boards.

New Features:

  1. New and improved site design
  2. Multiple images per posting
  3. New image browsing system
  4. New Dashboard notifications
  5. Comments/Offers loaded on-demand
  6. Design consideration for mobile devices
  7. Simpler login/logout mechanisms
  8. Forums have returned!
  9. Powerful HTML5 animation/effects
  10. Improved context help
  11. Improved database integrity/performance
  12. Completely new web framework
  13. No more missing Form Data!
  14. Improved security and sessions
  15. Watching other users actually does something now