FurBuy FAQs and Help
Why is there another Quantity field under the Place Bid area?

On Dutch Auctions, you can place a bid for more than one item. The bid amount you set is per item.

Example: If you place a bid of $5 for a quantity of 2, you are bidding on 2 items for $5 each; a total of $10.

Placing a bid for a quantity of more than one does not guarantee that you will receive the entire quantity you have requested. If you have the lowest winning bid slot and there are not enough items left, your bids will be valid for only the remaining number of items.

Example: An auction has five items. Bidder #1 bids $15 for 2 items, Bidder #2 bids $12 for 1 item, and Bidder #3 bids $10 for 4 items. However, since Bidders #1 and #2 have already won 3 of the 5 items, Bidder #3 will only win the remaining 2 items.