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Auction #1103948 - Character Reference Sheet (Ladder Auction)

Comments for Auction# 1103948
 Posted by vulpes92 (3) Oct-9-18 17:11:39 PDT  
Would you be able to work from a non digital ref sheet, I colored in a free one and can scan it
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 Posted by Angelfelis (10) FurAffinity Logo DeviantArt Logo Oct-9-18 17:37:40 PDT  
I can definitely work with a non-digital reference. :)
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 Posted by vulpes92 (3) Oct-9-18 18:07:27 PDT  
Ok cool, so how does the ladder auction work I've never seen one
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 Posted by Angelfelis (10) FurAffinity Logo DeviantArt Logo Oct-10-18 12:23:45 PDT  
Basically what a ladder auction is is that, the higher the bid gets, the more items/drawings/etc. get added onto the finished product. So for this specific auction, if you bid $30, you automatically get a front/back reference sheet. If the bid gets to $50, two side views are added on, and so on and so forth as the description states. So if you wanted a front and back reference sheet with the 2 side views, you can just bid $50, and if you win, that's what you'll get. If you decide after the auction ends that you want additional views, that can also be arranged. :)
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Auction #: 1103948
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