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Auction #1102750 - Fullsuit Deer

Comments for Auction# 1102750
 Posted by phurdaughter (2) Apr-22-18 14:26:04 PDT  
just out of curiosity why don't you accept payment plans?
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 Posted by Playza (6) MyPage Logo FurAffinity Logo Apr-23-18 02:04:34 PDT  
One payment is more reliable through paypal.)
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 Posted by LauraGry (0) InkBunny Logo FurAffinity Logo VCL Logo Apr-23-18 23:13:47 PDT  
Heh so you want trades
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 Posted by Playza (6) MyPage Logo FurAffinity Logo Apr-24-18 00:20:44 PDT  
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 Posted by Alkiva (0) May-16-18 09:54:37 PDT  
PLEASE tell me you do commissions!
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 Posted by Playza (6) MyPage Logo FurAffinity Logo May-16-18 22:59:41 PDT  
Not now. Maybe later.)
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 Posted by Sigi (0) May-17-18 20:53:20 PDT  
If you do start doing commissions - I'd love to get something from you!
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 Posted by Alkiva (0) May-16-18 09:55:10 PDT  
your suits are so good!
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 Posted by Playza (6) MyPage Logo FurAffinity Logo May-16-18 22:59:51 PDT  
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 Posted by Ruthie_Henshall (1) May-16-18 14:57:08 PDT  
If I was going to Would I be able to bid on this suit for my daughter who is nearly 16? Do you have an age limit on suits? My daughter is doing really well in her GCSE's and it would be an amazing treat as she has been saving for a year!
- sincerely, Ruthie
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 Posted by Playza (6) MyPage Logo FurAffinity Logo May-16-18 23:17:47 PDT  
Of course!)
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 Posted by Ruthie_Henshall (1) May-16-18 23:19:45 PDT  
That's great! I'll keep that in mind and hopefully we'll get the money together and be able to put down a bid.
- Ruthie
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 Posted by Ruthie_Henshall (1) May-18-18 15:54:16 PDT  
Hello it's me again, I was wondering whether you would sell me the suit for a flat $900 as this is our point and we really would like to gift our daughter this suit, I am so sorry to have to ask this of you and it would be truly amazing if you could
Kind regards- Ruthie
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 Posted by Playza (6) MyPage Logo FurAffinity Logo May-18-18 23:52:12 PDT  
Sorry, but this is a violation of the rules of the auction. I must sell only to the winner.)
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 Posted by Ruthie_Henshall (1) May-18-18 23:53:51 PDT  
So sorry! I didn't realise thank you for informing me and no problem at all -Ruthie
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 Posted by SmallSaber (2) FurAffinity Logo DeviantArt Logo May-19-18 17:27:57 PDT  
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Auction #: 1102750
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