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Auction #1091742 - Dalmatian

Comments for Auction# 1091742
 Posted by helloyena (6) FurAffinity Logo DeviantArt Logo Jan-11-17 15:37:18 PDT  
Hey, what would the shipping to the UK be?
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 Posted by Irbismidnay (0) Jan-18-17 06:44:00 PDT  
sending the head will cost 70 ~ 80 $
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 Posted by helloyena (6) FurAffinity Logo DeviantArt Logo Jan-18-17 06:49:43 PDT  
Wow, that's a lot higher than I was expecting (I had a little look at my postage and to send a decent sized parcel from the UK to Belarus was only around $25-30 I think with the recent conversion rates)
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 Posted by Irbismidnay (0) Jan-18-17 13:42:34 PDT  
I can ask the other services.
how much will cost the services of theirs.
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 Posted by Irbismidnay (0) Jan-13-17 11:14:17 PDT  
In two days I will answer.
I am going to ask the post how much will be cost delivery.
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 Posted by Okami13 (2) FurAffinity Logo Jan-13-17 11:44:05 PDT  
is shipping actually 70$ to the USA
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 Posted by swagburgr (0) DeviantArt Logo Jan-16-17 13:01:25 PDT  
Could you possibly post more closeup pictures and information? Also what exactly is foam rubber?
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 Posted by swagburgr (0) DeviantArt Logo Jan-16-17 13:01:31 PDT  
Could you possibly post more closeup pictures and information? Also what exactly is foam rubber?
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 Posted by Irbismidnay (0) Jan-18-17 06:37:23 PDT  
I can send pictures to your e-mail. More large-scale photographs.
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 Posted by MamaBear (0) Jan-29-17 20:09:04 PDT  
What is your zipcode so I can calculate cost of shipping to where I am at please. Thank you
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 Posted by thejewells4 (1) Jan-30-17 18:17:04 PDT  
It is getting late here in Hammond, Wisconsin, USA. How would you like to proceed with the payment and quote on shipping to me. Thanks
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 Posted by thejewells4 (1) Feb-4-17 06:09:33 PDT  
Hello! We won the bid on the fursuit and we still need to come up with a payment plan. So please answer us asap.
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Auction #: 1091742
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