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Dirty Frank the River Dolphin Adopt with 3 Original artwork.
Category:   Artwork : Originals : Adult/Sexual Content Auction Ends in 9 days 3 hours
Seller: TheDirtyEggPlant (0) (More...) FurAffinity Logo High Bidder: No Bids Placed
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Auction Start: Apr-24-19 17:30:16 PDT Auction Ends: May-4-19 20:30:16 PDT
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Auction Image
Auction Description
Adopt NSFW 1

Well hello hello there! come one come all! Doughty here and I have for you a new adopt for you to feat your eyes on! Introducing our first entry Frank the River Dolphin !

Frank can be viewed here :

Name: Frank
Species: River Dolphin
ID: # 01 NSFIA
Creation: 3/31/2019 2:19pm
Art: 3 Traditional Art Works included
2 NSFW 1 SFW (1 Fully colored) (2 Black and white Inked)
SB 15.00
AB: 35.00 (Shipping Included in US)

You are adopting this character and all art associated with it that will be sent to you upon payment completion.
A Color template will be sent as well to show you which Primsa Colors were used to make your Adopt for matching.

Please be sure to read the TOS before bidding !

Flat Rate Shipping for US is 7.00 USPS Priority Insured Tracked.

International adoptees will need to inquire for rates to their area.


This is for NSFW Adopts and artwork that will be offered up for sale because of this viewers
If I find out you are under 18 I will promptly report and block you.
Sorry it is nothing personal but the kind of business and work I run here is not for minors and will not be tolerated in the slightest.

-When you get an adopt from me you are purchasing the character you see and this is a physical item of traditional artwork ( NOT prints). They will be mailed to you upon purchase completion and come with all that is mentioned in each auction. Payment is due upon winning bid or auto buy. Some items may be listed on Furbuy, The Dealers Den or up for bid on FA itself.

-Paypal only- I will only accept paypal for adopts. Please ensure that shipping address is correct and I will only be able to ship to the address provided.

-Shipping for the US is a flat rate of 5.00, 5.50, 7.00, 8.50 depending on the amount of artwork that is being sent. this covers packaging materials, insurance, tracking and is sent USPS Postal Service.

If you are International Please inquire before adopting as it will cost more than this to send overseas.

- I will not hold any adopts

- I will not take payment plans for any adopts anything under 300.00 is NOT worth it.

-First come first serve

- One of a kind - No two will ever be alike.

-New adopter will have their name of choice put in the Owner box on all of the artwork then archived on the FA page under Adopted

- I don't care what you do with the character after it leaves my hands it is yours name design all i ask is credit for creating it and the artwork I did.

-You can have others do more artwork of the character all I ask is credit to the artwork they do and that I have done as well as being the original creator to the design. You can't say you created it but you do own it now

-You can color any Black and White sketches and is why the color template is included with the art so you can match it if you wish or get close to it as much as possible. Like the others all I ask is credit for the Black and White Inked line art and you can take credit for coloring it.

-You may make copies of your adopt for backups and you may sell it to another just please be sure they know to credit me as the artist and creator of the art and character.

-You may NOT make copies of the art, change its name and call it your own or to sell it.

- I have the right to not conduct business with you if rude or being difficult. A full refund will be given and you will loose the claim to this item.
I really hope this does not happen but I like to cover my basis.

- I don't do request but I will have a Idea journal that you can post there.

- What you see is what you get and only fully completed adopts are offered up for the taking.

- If you bid and do not pay you will forever be blacklisted , I have not the time to waste for people who are not serious I got bills to pay too guys. So please do me and yourself a favor and don't waste my time . I do understand that situations do occur and letting me know in a timely manner is appreciated and I am very understanding if given that respect and courtesy.

-If you agree to these Terms and are 18 + years of age then I welcome you !


There are no returns these are unique items created however if in the event I did something wrong on my end please contact me asap within 72 hours to tell me of the problem to give me a fair chance to correct it.

Damaged Items : If the item is damaged during shipping I will go through the process of getting the refund via the insurance. If they damage this art after the way I package them ...I have no words ..but it does happen still. I will do everything I can to assist you and work with you to fix this issue.

-Shipping- Items will be shipped 2-3 days after cleared payment which can take 1-2 business days ( not counting Saturday and Sunday ) If there is any issue or delay I will promptly contact you to let you know of this.

In the event if the item is destroyed I will discuss options of replacing it or refund.
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Auction #: 1109502
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