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Full fursuit The Dog
Category:   Fursuits : Full Suits : General Audience Auction Closed
Seller: SpaceAlienFox (5) (More...) MyPage Logo High Bidder: XxBuzzardxX (1)
Opening Bid: $1000.00 Current Bid: $1600.00
Quantity: View FAQ for this item 1 Total Bids: 2    (Bidding History) View FAQ for this item
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Reserve Status: View FAQ for this item Reserve has been met. Shipping from: Russia
Auction Start: Feb-18-19 01:46:42 PDT Auction Ends: Feb-20-19 14:54:57 PDT
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Payment: Seller accepts: PayPal (Credit Card)
Shipping: Seller ships to: United States, Alaska, Canada, International, See Description for Details
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Auction Image
Auction Description
Our fursuit's head #dogfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
 - We have a great positive experience of delivery in the US by courier services (cost about 80 $).
 - Not a good supply experience of delivery in the UK and Europe as a whole (torn out the tracker on the box).
 - For the rest of the countries - we will saw. But we would like delivery to the USA :) 
 - If you do not see the pictures, then my site is disabled and will work within 24 hours.
 - So, about the fursuit:
 - The overalls: stretched and covered like a glove. Therefore, multi-size fursuit. See the size of fursuit below.
 - Description: detailed description and design of fursuit from the inside can be viewed on our website
 - Additional photos: see below
 - The style: cartoon costume of dog, digitigrade.
 - Linings: removable by Velcro, filling by padding polyester.
 - Jaw: opens, with the possibility of rapid dismantling. Shock absorber - textile band with velcro fastening.
 - Head: from polyethylene foam by on a steel frame, inside pasting by fleece. Mask consists of a multipart. There are:
     removable jaw, is easy to clean, to dry and assemble parts;
     3" fan, removable, powered from usb power bank;
     removable and replaceable tongues, different lengths and colors;
     removable pads for different sizes of heads;
     A 2 pocket inside the head (on aprons) for USB-powerbank;
     textile Velcro for wires of fan.
 - Eyes: "tracking"; plastic with a minimum of seams (not visible); eyes painted with waterproof acrylic on banner grid.
 - Zip: at the center of the overalls (the free edges of the fur are glued inward), the tongue of the zip - is inside.
 - Feetpaws One pairs: with a soft sole and pads (for photo sessions), for the street walk there are great sandals.
      Design of furpaws - is foam frame, which no parts of ordinary shoes.
      Inside it have the fleece sock, which can be turned out for cleaning or quick drying.
 - Tongues: soft, voluminous, from fleece. Removable - on Velcro.
 - Nose: soft (it is part of the mask); it is covered with a fleece.
 - Teeth: soft, from white fleece.

#B&W&O #furr_club #fursuit #Dogfursuit
#B&W&O #furr_club #fursuit #Dogfursuit
#B&W&O #furr_club #fursuit #Dogfursuit
#B&W&O #furr_club #fursuit #Dogfursuit
#B&W&O #furr_club #fursuit #Dogfursuit
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Congratulations to XxBuzzardxX, winner of this auction!
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Auction #: 1108493
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