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Twinkle Moon full partial
Category:   Fursuits : Full Suits : General Audience Auction Closed
Seller: Twinkle_Moon (0) (More...) DeviantArt Logo High Bidder: No Bids Placed
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Auction Start: Nov-6-18 06:52:20 PDT Auction Ends: Nov-12-18 16:27:05 PDT
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Payment: Seller accepts: PayPal (Credit Card), See Description for Details
Shipping: Seller ships to: United States, See Description for Details
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Auction Description
Twinkle Moon is Boar/ Bear hybrid that I designed a couple of months ago. I have only gotten to wear her twice since I got her. At Dragon con, and for Halloween. I do live at a house with a dog, so if you have dog allergies, DO NOT BUY!

Head: The head is not made from a foam base. The base was hand made by a good friend of mine who made my suit for me. The jaw does move somewhat, but do NOT force it to move, for that will make it break. The eyes are big, and can be seen through very well. If you wear glasses, you can also wear them in the head! The head has a zipper and Velcro to hold the head in place when wearing it. She was built with a wig, so you can braid and brush her hair as you wish. She has a bindi on her forehead that was custom made for her. It can not be removed! The head will fit most female heads. If you have a very large or round face, it may not fit you very well.

Chest fluff: The chest fluff goes on before you wear the head. You just simply fit it over your head. The fluff is very soft, and needs to be kept brushed. I will not provide a brush, sorry. The end of the chest fluff has weights at the end from keeping it to stick up. They are no heavy at all.

Arm sleeves: I am very small, so the arm sleeves are a wee bit long on me, but when you wear the hand paws, they fit perfect. I suggest that if you have big arms, meaty, or very muscular, then they may not fit. The sleeves are meant for smaller arms. The sleeves are held together by a stretchy band.

Hand paws: The hand paws fit most females hands. But be warned, if your hands are too big, they will rip. That is shy they fit smaller hands. I have baby hands, so they fit me perfectly.

Digi-grade legs with attached tail: These legs were not build off of a ductape dummy! they were free handed and built off of my legging size, which the inside of the pants are leggings. They are a size 8/9. The maker is older than me, but we have the same size legs. So, I went by her size. I weigh 120LBS, and I am 5'3, and they fit me great, but I am also a bit thick in the legs. The Digi-grade padding is foam. So, be careful when cleaning.The legs also have an attached tail! The legs also have suspenders.

Detached tail: It has never been worn. Its a small nub, just like the ones on the back of the legs. It can be worn to make a mini partial! Worn with a belt.

Feet paws:The feet paws are a Woman size 8. It is best to sear socks! They are outdoor feet paws. The bottom of the paws have pink outdoor foam to make the bottom of the paws look like they have paw pads. That part of the paws was on there for decoration. So, do NOT be alarmed if they come off. Most of it has come off, due to walking all day in Atlanta. I can provide pictures.

Extra stuff: Twinkle does Have a pair of glasses that she will come with. She does have art, but I am debating on keeping the art. When bought, you MUST change the name of the character!! I will be keeping her name for when I get a new suit of her eventually.

The type of person best for this suit: If you are between 4'10-5'4, and weigh between 95-130lbs, you should be able to fit the suit pretty good.

You MUST pay in USD. You will also be paying with PayPal only. I do not take any other transactions. You must also live in the U.S. to purchase her. If you DO live in Georgia, I can arrange a way for you to come pick it up/ meet up, and not worry about shipping.

For more recent pictures, questions, and other things please email me at [see my User Profile for e-mail address or leave a comment], or comment below. You can also find my on Deviantart at TwinkleMoonBear. Please message me ASAP when making a bid!
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Auction #: 1106710
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