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Full Finery Khajiit -One of a Kind-
Category:   Fursuits : Full Suits : General Audience Auction Ends in 11 days 0 hours
Seller: ChanceTooth (12) (More...) Twitter Logo FurAffinity Logo High Bidder: KnightHawke (8)
Opening Bid: $600.00 Current Bid: $600.00
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Reserve Status: View FAQ for this item Reserve price not yet met. Shipping from: North Carolina
Auction Start: Sep-11-18 00:39:18 PDT Auction Ends: Oct-1-18 20:39:18 PDT
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Payment: Seller accepts: PayPal (Credit Card)
Shipping: Seller ships to: United States
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Auction Image
Auction Description
This Auction is for a fully customized and designed Khajiit character. He comes with: Most pictures found here: Most pictures found here: Khajiit head Mask fits 22", 23 Clean, gently used. Hidden zipper closure, moving jaw, following eyes. Realistic airbrushing and life-like whiskers. Earrings will NOT be included. Remarkable quality, good enough vision to not need a handler, design does not exist elsewhere. One of a kind. Tail Long Black, rigid, and posable that attaches around one's waist. Leather, plastic, and Hi Impact Polystyrene Claws/Gloves (Careful, the claws are Sharp, however you can dull them with emery pad or sandpaper if you wish to avoid a possible cut on others.) Claws Glow-in-the-dark vividly as well and fit most hands with the attached belt buckle to tie them up tight. The gloves keep your fingers free, so you can manipulate ones cell phone easily or other small or dexterous objects, however they are easily hidden by the claws when one balls their fist as shown in pictures. Black Aristocrat Nobleman Boots Size 8-12. Ties up well and is easy to slip on. Traveler's finery: Begins with the black robe. This is slip over style and I have put elastic in sleeves so they are a bit more poofy rather than hanging straight. At chest I have adorned two of the three buttons with vintage gold tone button covers (the third button is hidden by the collar). Bottom is adorned in a beige/gold tassle trim. Onto the collar. This is black faux fur, trimmed in bright gold fringed trim, and adorned with a single triangle clear jewel. It is not attached and so easily removed. The waist sash is a black with gold accent scarf attached with a vintage 80's beige tone belt complete with coins and richness. These attach at back so are also removable. At shoulder there is a little extra manliness added with foam shoulder shields in a bronze/gold tone to add an armor look. These are also removable and are made to be worn under the collar, not alone Tunic/robe lying flat measures across pit to pit 24" and at waist 30" and pit to hem length 34". This makes it fairly generous in size but as it is meant to be a loose style garment it will also work for smaller frames and the belt will help pull it in some. Lastly, is the bronze/gold metal linked headband crown (not pictured) with black jewel at center. It will fit up to a 24" head and you can remove links to make it smaller. I wear this headband to adorn the costume when not in headgear. It matches perfectly. I accept payment plans at a split for 4 months. Item will ship as soon as last payment has been sent. Item comes tracked, insured, and requiring signature. Item is all gently used, in great condition, and sold AS IS. Most pictures found here: Most pictures found here:
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Auction #: 1105805
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