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Team Skull Nidoqueen 3/4ths Partial
Category:   Fursuits : Partials (Head + Paws) Auction Closed
Seller: NikoSheDevil (66) (More...) High Bidder: No Bids Placed
Opening Bid: $285.00 Current Bid: --
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Auction Start: Nov-16-18 12:36:21 PDT Auction Ends: Nov-16-18 14:45:22 PDT
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Auction Image
Auction Description
As much as I love my Nidoqueen I have to part from her I just dont connect with her like I used to and I am having to replace my costumes with ones that are easier for me to wear and dealing with my health issues. Shes such a good girl and costume I just hope she goes to a loving home as much as I loved her. The head was built on a DVC Large predator bird base and made by Al Boar pomph moth on FA. I did redo the eyes as I was not happy with the realistic ones that were put in so I remade the eyes. The vision is a little weird but still manageable. The jaw moves very nice and the ears are so cute and floppy. The Top was also made by Al and is a Team Skull shirt with the Nidoqueen spikes out the back. It comes with the Team Skull bandanna, arm bands , necklace and Please note that the hands and feet belonged to my very old Feraligator and they are going to need some TLC and need to be replaced in a few years but they will get you through until you can get some replacement ones. The feet have seen a lot of wear and do have a stain on them that i cant remove. If you find some light blue paint you could possible paint over it but there is only so much that can be done with something as old as they are, i think they are at least 4-6 years old it was pretty old when i got it as is. The hands will need some minor repairs and nails possible replaced but are ok for now in my personal opinion. The rest of the stuff is new and was only worn twice , once for a few minutes for pictures and once briefly at Fang Con just for pictures. I was too exhausted to wear them out and I have not been able to wear her since so I want her to go to a new home instead of collecting dust. The tail is HUGE and well made and just oh so snuggly it fits nicely on the form and holds up very well. The tail alone really makes the costume stand out along with those cute floppy ears. I will note that if you dont like the eyes they could always be removed and remade by the new owner. Sorry that shipping is so high but the tail is HUGE and will require a big box, i will warn any international buyers that this will cost a hefty fine to send to you

((These photos were taken BEFORE I replaced the eyes worn at Fangcon 2017))

Nidoqueen head built on DVC Large predator bird base
Huge cuddly Nidoqueen Tail
Team Skull shirt with Nidoqueen spines out the back
Nidoqueen feet paws - Fit Womens size 11 Mens size 9 - will need some TLC -
Nidoqueen paws - will need some TLC - i would say my hands are medium sized and they fit me fine
Team Skull Bandana
Team Skull pendant
Team Skull arm bands

Shipping will be 35.00 at final bid or if you do the BIN it will be included within the us and non excluded states.

International shipping will need to inquire.

I will not hold suits sorry...

I do not wish to do any payment plans

Im sorry I will not take less than the base listed price.

I will only accept payment via paypal and please send as good and services

Please make sure your address and name are correct I can only ship to the provided address. Failure to do this will result in being refunded to fix the issue.

Item will be sent Insured for purchase price and tracked.

If you have any issues please give me a fair chance to work with you I will fix any legit mistake on my end and do everything I can to make sure a problem is fixed.

Allergy Warning: I do have cats but do not come in contact with my costumes I still put this up there to warn anyone who may be highly allergic.

IF you do the BIN price it includes shipping in the US ONLY ( Hawaii and some areas may need to be calculated as prices to these areas is higher than others) International shipping is NOT FREE.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Shipping is 35.00 within the US , insured , tracked.

BIN Shipping is included within the us only ( this does not include Canada Alaska and Hawaii shipping will have to be calculated to these areas. )

International shipping is NOT free and must be calculated , please be advised that international shipping is not cheap and can be estimated to be anywhere between 80 to over 100.00 USD depending on location and size of parcel. I am not responsible for customs fees that is your responsibility.


What you see is what you get so please make sure you read all of the auction description and look at the pictures to know what you are buying. Please ask all questions up front and in a timely manner thanks!

Payment Methods: I only accept paypal , sorry i do not trust money orders or checks I have had too many problems with them.

Payment: Payment must be made within 48 hours of auctions end. If you need longer please arrange it with me first before bidding. Non paying bidders will be reported and blocked. I don't really do payment plans but you can inquire about it.

ALL INTERNATIONAL bidders will need to inquire for shipping( international shipping is NOT free).I WILL ONLY ship after funds have cleared into my bank account. ALL INTERNATIONAL BUYERS MUST INQUIRE SHIPPING BEFORE BIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Shipping to you is going to be more than 20.00!!! expect anywhere between 60. USD or more to your area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I require it sent with tracking to protect me as a seller and the buyer can track it.

Returns or problems - If you should have ANY problem what so ever please contact me and give me a fair chance to try and amend the problem. If it is a true issue on my end I will go above and beyond to fix it and make sure you are happy. Returns need to be made within 72 hours of receiving the item. If you for some reason were not able to within this time and contact me asap I will still work with you. All I ask is give me a fair chance.

( No one has permission to redistribute my photos. those caught doing so will be reported for copyright infringement.)

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Auction #: 1105294
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