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Dragon-werewolf fullsuit PAYMENT PLAN ACCEPTED
Category:   Fursuits : Full Suits : General Audience Auction Closed
Seller: RonovirDemon (13) (More...) FurAffinity Logo High Bidder: revosaurer (6) FurAffinity Logo
Opening Bid: $1300.00 Current Bid: $1300.00
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Auction Start: Nov-28-18 04:11:49 PDT Auction Ends: Dec-5-18 19:11:49 PDT
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Payment: Seller accepts: PayPal (Credit Card), See Description for Details
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Auction Image
Auction Description
Dragon-werewolf fullsuit premade! + armsleeves & extra set of handpaws.

- Moving jaw with realistic jaws
- following eyes
- Small digi padding
- big articulated tail (it swings when you walk)
- NFT accents
- Scale details on shoulders and head
- Golden reflective pupils (shining a light in them makes them shine bright)


About the head:
Completely new! Built on a Crystumes blank. It has a elastic for your chin, so you can open the mouth.
It fits my head which is 57cm around the forehead and 33cm from top to chin. However itís somewhat loose on me so a bigger head would also do! Adding a balaclava to your head might work as well.

About the bodysuit:
Handsewn for 70%! Has been worn twice by me but still in good condition. a new black piece has been added to the chest and a new zipper & neckline is installed. Has painted scales on the lower arms. Quite loose on me, especially around the waist & chest, so it can fit a bigger person. Full measurements below!

About the hands:
4 fingers. They have velcro on top of them that attach to the arms on the body. This is to keep them from turning to the side.

About the feet:
Gradient has been handprinted. Built on uggs shoes. Fits 38-39 EU (womenís)size.

About the tail:
Big moving tail covered with foam. Underneath the fur cover is a lycra cover, this makes it easier to slide the fur cover over. The fur cover is attached to the base of the tail with velcro on each sides. Only the fur cover can be washed!!

About the arm sleeves + 5-fingered paws:
For wearing as a partial. Looks best with the 5-fingered paws. Has airbrushed scales on them. Elastics will be attached once the buyer gives their measurements. the handpaws have the same measurements as the other pair.

(head) forehead = 57 - 62cm

Top to chin= 33 - 35cm

(body) Full Length = 167cm

Armpit to elbow= 28cm

Elbow to wrist= 26cm

Hips to knee= 56cm

Knee to ankle= 40cm

Upper arm cir.= 23cm

Wrist cir.= 14cm

Thigh cir.= 49cm

Lower leg cir.= 33cm

Chest cir.= 80cm

Waist cir.= 64cm

Hips cir.= 77cm
(Hands) Thump= 6cm

Index= 7cm

Middle= 8cm

Ring= 7cm

Pinky= 5cm

Palm of hand= 8cm
(Feet) 38-39 EU womenís

Payment through bank or Paypal. Can't pay all at once? I'm open to payment plans!
For more pictures and questions please send me an email!

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Congratulations to revosaurer, winner of this auction!
This auction is now closed for bidding.

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Auction #: 1104070
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