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Orange blue canine partial
Category:   Fursuits : Partials (Head + Paws) Auction Closed
Seller: FurYourDream (1) (More...) Twitter Logo Weasyl Logo FurAffinity Logo DeviantArt Logo High Bidder: Brightwaterwolf (3)
Opening Bid: $150.00 Current Bid: $850.00
Quantity: View FAQ for this item 1 Total Bids: 7    (Bidding History) View FAQ for this item
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Reserve Status: View FAQ for this item Reserve has been met. Shipping from: Germany
Auction Start: Jun-10-18 10:44:48 PDT Auction Ends: Jun-22-18 09:21:46 PDT
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Payment: Seller accepts: See Description for Details
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Auction Image
Auction Description
Selling this adorable blue canine partial suit. No character, just a design that came to my mind. So you can make whatever you want out of him.

-Zipper in the back of the head
-4 cm LED glass eyes
-Moving jaw
-Silicone nose
-Jawset with blue gums, white teeth and orange silicone tongue
-Fits up to 24" maybe even to 26"

-one size fits most
-silicone paw pads
-resin claws
-everything is sewn in, no glue is used
-machine washable up to 30C in the machine, NO DRYER

-85 cm long from tip to the belt loops
-stuffed with polyfill
-fluffy and lightweight
-machine washable up to 30C in the machine, NO DRYER

All parts are casted and sculpted by me.

Adjustments may need to be made by the buyer, like padding the chin area with foam for the moving jaw. Or adding more padding to the forehead area for comfortable wearing.

Allergy info:
I own a dog and a cat, my workspace is my apartment. So if you are allergic to them please don't bid. I take care of my items to never get in contact with my animals but you never know for sure.

I will ship worldwide, however shipping is calculated separately. You can ask me before bidding how much shipping to your country would be. (I live in Germany)
Head will be shipped within the next three workdays after payment is made, how long it takes to receive the head depends on the country you are living in and the shipping service.

Payment via Paypal Invoice only


I will not lie on customs forms. When a suit is shipped out I will claim the exact amount of the costume on the customs forms. Claiming the value as $0 or marking the item as GIFT is illegal. If caught doing this I could face a severe fine or go to jail. Claiming the exact value and insuring the full amount of the costume is also at benefit to my customers; should the package be damaged or lost via transport the full amount I have claimed and insured will be reimbursed so I can either make the costume again or refund my customer. If I lied on my customs form we would both lose out.

If you have any questions, want some additional Photos or something else. Just drop me a message

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Congratulations to Brightwaterwolf, winner of this auction!
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Auction #: 1103950
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