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Suit for Sale (Not Including Character RIghts)
Category:   Fursuits : Partials (Head + Paws) Auction Closed
Seller: HallowDreadRageQueen (0) (More...) High Bidder: No Bids Placed
Opening Bid: $1400.00 Current Bid: --
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Auction Start: Jun-4-18 10:39:40 PDT Auction Ends: Jul-3-18 09:39:40 PDT
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Auction Description
I don't think I am letting go of her Character rights. Because I wanna make her a different suit and exaggerate her markings more.

They are a 3/4 partial.

Worth of suit: $1,600

2nd suit made 1st time all furred.

Species: Cat/Dragon/Tail mouth

Condition: like brand new. They were worn resently. Yes just for photos. And everytime I go to the fur meets in my area. Though I'm not able to go rn because Sutter needs to be made.

And I need to start up my business on suits.

Special Features:

Changable mouth expression (Snarly to not)

Standing straight up does not take away the realistic digigrade. Walking up and down stairs is super easy.

She comes in parts (can be different type of partials)

Mouth can open 180 degrees

Has handmade fabric teeth. There are a lot of them.

Unfinished inside because the heat would be more hotter if finished.

Thick legs, Stompy feet. (Easy to walk in.)

Mouth tail (realistic detail) (tighten the belt if you want it more straight out. I kinda like it floopy)

Ventable nose mouth and eyes.

Easy cleaning (everything can go in and be washed except for the eyes.) (NO DRYER. AIR DRY. TAKES 2 TO 3 DAYS TO COMPLETELY BE DRY. OUTSIDE.)


I have pets (I keep them away from the suit) & I smoke (I keep the suit away as best I can)

Eyes can pop out if really swinging the head around.

Brush this baby and take care of them.

In some areas she doesn't have fur but this is not really noticeable as the fur is 2 in long.

Befor I send her out I will wash her and brush her.

I take good care of my suits. Especially if worn to the store.

!!!You must pay shipping!!!

Suit measurements:

Size 14 or 13 pants I'm a 31 inch around and she still fits me.

6 - 7 Sized Shoe

Arms will be a tight fit and so will the paws. But they can fit medium hands and medium sized arms the smaller the better. I have thin arms.

Can be carved out and adjusted. (DO it yourself unless you wanna pay an extra $800 for adjustment and updates on the face and eyes and body.) (I really don't feel like doing this.)

When you get this you can make it your own Character and add to them. You must change the name. Do not use Kahzoomie for this suit.

Do not use Kahzoomie's reference to make them whole. You cannot say you made the suit.

You must credit me for it.


I live in Arizona btw.

If you wanna see more photos of the suit pm me. (Serious offers only) (I won't go under ($1,400)

#Fursuit #For #Sale


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Auction #: 1103799
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