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View Auction # 1102474
Winter Commissions open 2019
Category:   Fursuits : Partials (Head + Paws) Auction Closed
Seller: Silvena (4) (More...) MyPage Logo FurAffinity Logo High Bidder: No Bids Placed
Opening Bid: $660.00 Current Bid: --
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Reserve Status: View FAQ for this item No Reserve Shipping from: Poland
Auction Start: Nov-1-18 08:45:50 PDT Auction Ends: Nov-22-18 19:45:50 PDT
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Payment: Seller accepts: PayPal (Credit Card), Bank/Cashier's Checks, See Description for Details
Shipping: Seller ships to: International, See Description for Details
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Auction Description

Winter Commissions open. Empty slots January February March 2019.

I do not do single things.
Prices may fluctuate slightly depending on the dollar and euro exchange rates.
Express slot Ė 20% more expensive.
Each fursuit is priced individually, prices start at:
Toony, Semi Realistic
$ 660/ 550 Euro/ 2300 zł Ė mini partial (head, paws, tail) $ 760/ 630 Euro/2600 zł Ė partial (head, paws, tail, footpaws or armsleeves) $ 840/700 Euro/2900 zł Ė full partial (head, paws, tail, footpaws, armsleeves) Full Plantigrade Ė $1450+/1200 Euro+/4900 zł+ Full Digigrade Ė $1950+/1650 Euro+/7000 zl+ The $ 50 price increases supplements Ė horns, small wings, etc.
Everything can be made with three or four colours of fur/material (including long artificial/fake fur).
Head is made from upholstery foam build on balaclava. The head can be made of resin, but it raises the price by about $ 200/230 Euro
Teeth, tongue and claws can be made from modeling clay or soft, stuffed.
Paws can be made with four or five fingers.
Foot paws are build on new shoes (suitable size). Anti-slip or soft sole.
Realistic eyes made with cabochons or painted on net.
Horns soft, stuffed, or hard.
Procedure of reservation:
1. You send me message with project of what you want. It can be simplistic drawing. Itís important to specify colours and head shape.
2. Then Iíll tell you if I have time to make it, or when Iíll be able to do it. Next we need to specify rest of the details.
3.You pay 30% of the price in advance and then Iíll start making suit. The deposit is absolutely non-refundable, I buy for him fur and materials.
4.About 2 weeks before starting work on the order, I inform you, and I send an invoice from PayPal to pay the rest of the amount + shipping. You have time for this until I start work. Orders that are not paid are moved to the commissions list to pay them.
5.During whole process, Iíll inform you about progress and send you photos.
6.When order is ready, you pay rest of the price and I send you package with suit.
7.If you are a minor, you need that parents have consented.
8.After accepting the order, it is not possible to change the form and colors, mainly because the materials are already ordered. Please make informed decisions.
9.The warranty covers half a year.
You need to remember that prices donít include taxes or shipping fee and you need to pay it by yourself.
Prices donít include shipping cost. If you want package faster, itíll cost more. We will discuss shipping cost during first step of reservation.
You can contact me via email ( [see my User Profile for e-mail address or leave a comment]) or fanapage - Silvena Handmade or

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Auction #: 1102474
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