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View Auction # 1100239
Complete Red eyes Blue Dragon Lot
Category:   Fursuits : Full Suits : General Audience Auction Closed
Seller: NikoSheDevil (66) (More...) High Bidder: No Bids Placed
Opening Bid: $380.00 Current Bid: --
Quantity: View FAQ for this item 1 Total Bids: 0
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Reserve Status: View FAQ for this item No Reserve Shipping from: AL
Auction Start: Feb-6-18 11:16:49 PDT Auction Ends: Feb-13-18 19:16:49 PDT
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Payment: Seller accepts: See Description for Details
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Auction Image
Auction Description
Hello ! In this auction you will be bidding on a fursuit lot to be completed by owner. Please read details below to know exactly what your buying.

This lot includes

cut hinged DVC Dragon kit with silicone tongue and resin 3d eyes
foam horns ,foam padding applied to nose for shape. (can be removed by owner if the regular base shape is desired)
Complete pair of webbed dragon feet
complete pair of webbed dragon hands
complete dragon tail
5 yards of good quality fur long pile ( ordered from )
Blue pants (4X 28/26 womens)

Punky Muppet BABY BLUE
This fur is a medium length shag. The fur is 1 1/2" long. It is very soft with a chaotic (in a good way)look to it. This fur has lots of personality, where as the shag looks like monster (in a good way, of course) fur. Far and away this is one of our top sellers Available in nat...

The head will need to be completed by owner I had originally planned to refurbish this from a foam head to a resin one but i will not be able to finish this.

Shipping will be 25.00 within the US tracked insured

International shipping will need to inquire about this and expect it to be more than 60.00 USD. Shipping international is expensive and this is a large box this item has to go in. I would prefer not to ship this international but if your willing to pay the cost then i will ship it.

If you Buy It now shipping is included for the US only ( Canada, International, Hawaii) will need to inquire shipping is not free to these places))

International shipping is NOT free and must be calculated , please be advised that international shipping is not cheap and can be estimated to be anywhere between 60 to over 100.00 USD depending on location and size of parcel. I am not responsible for customs fees that is your responsibility.


What you see is what you get so please make sure you read all of the auction description and look at the pictures to know what you are buying. Please ask all questions up front and in a timely manner thanks!

Payment Methods: I only accept paypal , sorry i do not trust money orders or checks I have had too many problems with them.

Payment: Payment must be made within 48 hours of auctions end. If you need longer please arrange it with me first before bidding. Non paying bidders will be reported and blocked. I don't really do payment plans but you can inquire about it.

ALL INTERNATIONAL bidders will need to inquire for shipping( international shipping is NOT free).I WILL ONLY ship after funds have cleared into my bank account. ALL INTERNATIONAL BUYERS MUST INQUIRE SHIPPING BEFORE BIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Shipping to you is going to be more than 20.00!!! expect anywhere between 60. USD or more to your area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I require it sent with tracking to protect me as a seller and the buyer can track it.

Returns or problems - If you should have ANY problem what so ever please contact me and give me a fair chance to try and amend the problem. If it is a true issue on my end I will go above and beyond to fix it and make sure you are happy. Returns need to be made within 72 hours of receiving the item. If you for some reason were not able to within this time and contact me asap I will still work with you. All I ask is give me a fair chance.

( No one has permission to redistribute my photos. those caught doing so will be reported for copyright infringement.)
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Auction #: 1100239
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