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View Auction # 1099670
Fixer Upper/Beginners Discount Partial
Category:   Fursuits : Partials (Head + Paws) Auction Closed
Seller: CrossbonesStudio (9) (More...) High Bidder: Moonblaze64 (1)
Opening Bid: $10.00 Current Bid: $150.00
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Auction Start: Nov-12-17 12:09:35 PDT Auction Ends: Nov-14-17 13:14:44 PDT
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Auction Description
Hello, all whom sees this!
This is a Angel Dragon Partial I made about 3 years ago; it was my second Partial and has been sitting in my closet for the longest time.. I have hopes of selling him just to get rid of it. Otherwise I was just going to throw him away, but thought it could be used some how..
NOTE: This is NOT the best quality, and is NOT up to date on my current quality of fursuits!!

Head: SMALL! 21-22 in anything more is a very tight squeeze. There are a bit of spots where there is glue. The fur is dirty, and has only been washed a few times, once very recently, as soon as I took it out. Though it still seems to be stained. There are antlers, which the seller I got from said they were fake... Vision is decent. One eye is slightly smushed but still useable. With clay horns on front and back.

Does not come with hands, however I can make new ones for $50 in my currently quality :)

Feet: Hoof feet, this has a hard wood bottom that makes a clanking sound when hit on the floor, though to walk in these is a bit tough since the bottom is flat and not flexible. Size 6-7 in women’s build on flats. Few glue marks on the fur, needs to be brushed (I will do so before sending)

Tail: Very very long! Approx. 4 1/2 ft long, has a tear on the bottom near the base of it. 2 belt loops though poor gluing. Still is very nicely sturdy :) has a flap at the end, the bottom of it is very dirty and made of felt/foamies. Nice and flexable!

Reminder: This Partial is not the best! Has been worn a handful of times 3 years ago on Halloween. This Angel Dragon was once named Timber, but you’re free to do with it as you like. There is no artwork but I can make a uncolored badge for $5

SHIPPING: To be determined with zipcode, should be no more than $15-25 with USPS shipping and tracking. (The ears are very big) I will probably not ship to places outside the US or Canada, as ive had issues with it before.

Thank you for viewing this auction. I hope that it can go to a good home, it still has a bit of time left in it! NOTE!!!: Antlers will be REMOVED upon winning auction! (I can make you new ones for a very low price; for common courtesy) I AM NOW MAKING THE DIRECT BUY $110, NOT $150
On Nov-14-17 05:52:28 PDT the seller added the following:
(MY BAD, AUTO BUY IS $50 FINAL PRICE) Ignore what it actually says, it is not $150
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Congratulations to Moonblaze64, winner of this auction!
This auction is now closed for bidding.

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Auction #: 1099670
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