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Fox / Lion Toony Fullsuit LADDER AUCTION
Category:   Fursuits : Full Suits : General Audience Auction Closed
Seller: Flixsuits (3) (More...) DeviantArt Logo High Bidder: foxyboi (0)
Opening Bid: $250.00 Current Bid: $330.00
Quantity: View FAQ for this item 1 Total Bids: 5    (Bidding History) View FAQ for this item
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Reserve Status: View FAQ for this item No Reserve Shipping from: South Carolina, USA
Auction Start: Nov-3-17 10:57:52 PDT Auction Ends: Nov-17-17 19:57:52 PDT
(or 180 minutes after last bid)
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Payment: Seller accepts: Personal Checks, PayPal (Credit Card), Bank/Cashier's Checks, See Description for Details
Shipping: Seller ships to: United States, International, See Description for Details
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Auction Image
Auction Description
This guy has been sitting in my basement for over a year and it's time for him to go.
Not a suit I made. Bought secondhand. What you see is what you get!

If the price hits any of these points or above it, you win the included item or add-on!

$250- Fullsuit as pictured with 2 tails and badges

$320- Plus BRAND NEW custom handpaws with plush pads and plastic claws

$400- Plus carved foam DIGITIGRADE PADDED leggings

$500- Plus extensive repairs on bodysuit, head, both feet


Foam head, needs some TLC but will last a while. Pretty sturdy. Sculpted nose, plastic eyes with great quality buckram, and sculpted earrings.
Oversized so that it looks proportionate with a full suit! Will fit just about anyone.

Bodysuit, plantigrade, fits me (5' 3", 120 lbs) and would fit a range of similar sizes. Lovely colors. A couple small holes. Needs seam work.

Feet are built on women's size 7 sneakers and are comfortable but could use re-furring.

No handpaws. They never came through to me with shipping. There is a ladder option for them above- white plastic claws, lined cuffs, stuffed red pawpads.

Comes with 2, I repeat TWO tails! One is a very nicely shaped lion tail that wiggles and bounces in such a fun way, and the other is a 5 foot FLOOR DRAGGER monster tail,
very soft and huggable. Both have several sturdy elastic belt loops.

Included with the suit is multiple laminated badges, a reference sheet, red fleece and a bandana. Ladder option 3 adds never-before-used digitigrade padding attached to leggings,
which can be worn under the suit.

Ladder option 4 adds a roll of dark red fleece, several yards of yellow luxury shag and large scraps of black and white.


Flat rate of $40 Continental US shipping or $75 International.
Suit will be carefully packaged and waterproofed to prevent damage.

I can accept PayPal, checks, bank/cashier's checques and possibly money order.

If you live near Greenville, SC, you can come pick everything up in person and save on shipping!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
On Nov-4-17 06:42:28 PDT the seller added the following:
There is a 2.9% US or 4.4% International PayPal fee to be paid by the consumer if PayPal is desired method of payment.
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Congratulations to foxyboi, winner of this auction!
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Auction #: 1099468
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