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Fell Pony Pegasus Full Digitigrade Fursuit, Shagpoke Studios
Category:   Fursuits : Full Suits : General Audience Auction Closed
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Auction Start: Nov-17-17 08:01:39 PDT Auction Ends: Nov-24-17 19:01:39 PDT
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Auction Description

Hello and welcome!

This is the Fell Pony pegasus horse fursuit made by Shagpoke studios:: It has been worn to 3 conventions and a couple of local furry events, but all in all has been used only lightly.

Allergen warning:: This suit comes from a smoke-free household, however I have walked near smokers for short periods of time while in suit. It has since been washed of course. I have two dogs. The suit is stored in a hard plastic suitcase that the dogs cannot get inside obviously but I cannot guarantee no dog hair. It was last washed after ittybitty fur con 2017 with hypoallergenic soap and hasn't been worn since.

They are an absolutely fantastic maker and I'm a repeat customer who can definitely attest to their quality. This suit has lasted me well but unfortunately has outlived its use in my hooves, so I'd like to sell it to someone who'll perhaps love it for than me! ( I really just want to switch to a more realistic design. )

Fell pony is a full suit that includes a foam based head from built off their equine head base, a digitigrade body with seperate padded 'pants' to stuff to your own specifications which makes it easy to size, hand hooves that can be worn seperately from the body and are resin, arm sleeves that can be worn seperate from the body for partial use and are connected with a drawstring so there's no uncomfortable strap over your back, a tail that's long and flowing and is held away from the body for extra 'swishiness', stompy style hooves ( unfortunately these can't be worn without the body unless you were to add extra fur to them ), and a bridle custom fitted to Fell Pony's head, complete with a bit!

Reccomended to have a handler with this suit. As the hands are hooves, your dexterity is worse than almost every fursuit paw out there. The breathing is good but the vision is below average, as is the case with all tear duct vision eyes.

At the time of last wearing, I am 5'6 and 210-ish pounds. This suit has a lot of allowance for body size. You may need to pad it extra if you're lean. It CAN be worn by a shorter person but tends to suffer "no neck syndrome" which hides some of the pretty markings. As the crotch is dropped a tiny bit it can easily fit someone taller. Being a digitigrade suit it can even fit someone a bit larger, though I'd say if you were 250+ pounds it may be a stretch unless you don't have breasts in the way. My head is 22'' but there's a lot of space inside, it could fit a larger head, 25'' might be tight on you. The shoes fit size 10-11 womens. If you have small feet you could put some foam in there to fit them better.

I'll be buying a box for the suit sometime this week so it'll be ready to send off as soon as its purchased! I will NOT send it until it is paid off IN FULL. I will happily ship to north america for a shipping cost of 100$ flat rate. If shipping ends up being LESS than that, you'll be refunded the excess. If shipping is MORE than that, I'll cover the rest. International shipping outside of US and Canada will need to be discussed and as the price can get quite expensive that will entirely be up to the buyer to pay ( again, in international cases only ).

Complete gallery of fursuit parts and pictures of it being worn found ***HERE***
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Auction #: 1098870
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