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Fursuit for sell (dragon/wolf)
Category:   Fursuits : Full Suits : General Audience Auction Closed
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Auction Start: Aug-12-17 08:37:23 PDT Auction Ends: Sep-9-17 23:37:23 PDT
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Auction Description
Hello all this fursuit name was supposed to be Silverfang but that can change with the new owner. I do have some art that can go with it, that is including ref sheet(mind you they are NSFW) This suit was made by Grace Eddie. Its a 3/4 partial and the leggings can be tighten with a belt to fit someone with a smaller waist. The feet paws are size 12 men though for smaller can use special foot padding to adjust. The head if i recall is 26' and can be adjusted if bigger(not by me) This suit has not been worn that much besides at 3 conventions. (last rainfurrest, and 2 times at furlandia) I love this suit but i am wanting to sell it to get a suit that properly suits my new fursona look. This was supposed to be based off my spiritual animal (Horned Wolf) with a native tribe that accepted me as one of them when i was a child. The suit is in great condition and i have talked to 2 different groups one "fursuiters" on Facebook and a other of fursuiters in person to ask for a decent starting price based on what they think of personal review. I hope the person who will buy this suit would love it as much as i would.

Details, Suit nose, paws, teeth, tongue glow in the dark!!! horns are molds and very sturdy. eyes are 3D follow. The mouth is hinged and moves (needs 1 spring replacement but still functions perfectly) Feet has paw padding.

For those worried of bid snipping i have it set for 60 min(Bid time Extensions)
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Auction #: 1097333
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