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Grumpy Wicker/Canine Fullsuit (extra body ladder option)
Category:   Fursuits : Full Suits : General Audience Auction Closed
Seller: fauxll (1) (More...) Twitter Logo FurAffinity Logo DeviantArt Logo High Bidder: Lello (0) LiveJournal Logo
Opening Bid: $1500.00 Current Bid: $3000.00
Quantity: View FAQ for this item 1 Total Bids: 1    (Bidding History) View FAQ for this item
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Reserve Status: View FAQ for this item Reserve has been met. Shipping from: California US
Auction Start: Aug-7-17 17:41:45 PDT Auction Ends: Aug-19-17 14:40:21 PDT
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Payment: Seller accepts: PayPal (Credit Card), See Description for Details
Shipping: Seller ships to: Continental US Only, See Description for Details
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Auction Image
Auction Description
Hello! It's come time to sell one of my beloved suits. I want to move on with a more personal suit! He's only been worn to one con for a few hours. He's in excellent condition! I have an extra body/feet/tail that will be included if the auction gets high enough!

Ladder Options

If the auction reaches $2500 He will come with his current body, feet, hands, tail- and of course the head. --- If the auction reaches $3000 (or buyout) He will come with his current body + feet, hands, tail AND he will come with his old body + feet, hands, head, and HUGE floor dragger mouth tail; As well as his tie accessory, and your choice of artwork from me, such as a badge. (examples seen HERE)

Suit Specs

- Made by PawthenticCreations - Will fit 23" best, but can fit smaller or a bigger comfortably - Hand dyed mohawk - Great vision, you can see through the whole eye! - great ventilation, the mouth is open so there is ways constant airflow. you can also take peeks through the mouth to see below you. - lightweight, foam base, and balaclava lined
Current Body
- Brand new (made by yamishizen) - Will fit 5'4", but will also look great if worn by someone shorter! - Will fit someone around 100 lbs - Nice drop crotch digigrade with removable pillow padding - Lots of leg room near the bottom, it's not tight or restricting - Tail is attached to body
Current Parts
- All brand new (made by yamishizen) - Hands will fit most. 4 finger plush claw paws - Feet will fit anyone, they're a sockpaw type, very comfortable!
Old Body
- Made by yamishizen - Will be included if auction reaches $3000 - Will fit 5' around 100 lbs - stuffed drop crotch digigrade with spandex lining - Huge mouth tail attached to the body - Arms are detached from the body! I used them for partial suiting for a day, they can be easily reattached!
Old Parts
- Made by yamishizen - Will be included if auction reaches $3000 - Hands are attached to arms; Arms are detached from body - Feet will fit any More photos of the suit and his current art can be seen: HERE" I will ship within the US. But please be aware, if you buyout the suit i will have to ship it to you in 2 large boxes! I can also try vacuum packing the bodies. Buyer pays shipping! Paypal preferred, I may consider credit card. I can take payment plans, but large payments are preferred! minimum of $500+ a month. We can discuss further once bought. Thank you for taking a look! Give this guy a home!
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Congratulations to Lello, winner of this auction!
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Auction #: 1097233
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