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Latex dragon head
Category:   Fursuits : Singles (Head, Tails, Paws) Auction Closed
Seller: zarathus (15) (More...) FurAffinity Logo DeviantArt Logo High Bidder: isaned (19) FurAffinity Logo
Opening Bid: $700.00 Current Bid: $700.00
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Auction Start: Jul-16-17 18:36:15 PDT Auction Ends: Jul-24-17 20:36:15 PDT
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Auction Description
Please make sure you have ready and understood the entire description before bidding!
If you have any questions feel free to post them here or email me - [see my User Profile for e-mail address or leave a comment]

New latex dragon costume head
An experimental project I just completed. Was made to try out a bunch of new techniques. Features include -
Cast latex skin over a 3d printed ABS head base.
First head I have made that includes upper teeth.
Zipper running down the back of the neck. Also has velcro to help keep the seam together while being worn. Zipper is visible through seam at the top of the head (see photos)
Glass eyes and tearduct vision. Visibility is okay.
Cast resin horns
Fits smaller heads, around 21 - 22 inches, snug fit. Seems to also fit larger but is a bit tight. It's possible you could adjust the foam padding inside to make for more space.

Please consider that because this is an experimental head and a first for me in a few areas, that it has some issues and is a bit rough around the edges. Issues I have identified include -
Zipper is difficult to do up. You will need to wear a balaclava for this head or your hair will almost definitely get stuck in it when trying to do it up.
Jaw movement is limited and jaw does not close fully. However, this also allows for better ventilation as this head does not include a fan. The jaw should not be forced to open too far as this can strain the latex on the edges of the mouth
General rough looking edges eg around where horns are connected and on the inside of the lips. Latex is a bit rough and patchy in places though nothing too major/obvious.
Keep in mind this is not a fursuit head. Latex is not breathable and it is heavier than a furred head of the same kind of size. The weight is still comfortable enough to wear without issue however. You need to wear a balaclava to help keep sweat away from the latex, as latex can degrade over time if exposed to too much moisture.
Vivishine works well on the external surfaces of the latex as a polish and means of keeping it clean and conditioned (buyer must purchase this separately).
Be sure to treat it with care. Will not stand up to rough handling. It's good to have some kind of mannequin head to have it rest on when not in use.
I will be doing one more re-cast from the same mold as this one, however it will have quite different features so won't look too similar to this one.

I can also offer cast latex hands and tail to go with this head, at an additional cost to the final bid price. Hands are +210usd extra, tail + 350 extra. They are cast from the same molds as these - hands , tail. These would also incur additional shipping costs.

Regarding payment
All prices listed are in USD
Please do not bid if you can't commit to the following. You may take UP TO 3 months to pay off the final bid price + shipping cost. However you MUST be able to make a downpayment of at least $250usd within 5 days of the auction ending. You must be able to make regular payments within the 3 month period (eg, payment once every 2 weeks), until it is paid off. I will not ship anything until it is paid off in full including shipping costs. Please contact me beforehand to discuss what kind of payment plan you would like to proceed with.

Shipping is from New Zealand. It will cost $80USD to ship to most countries, less if you are in Australia or New Zealand. If you do want to have hands and tail made too, it will cost extra to ship these, most likely will be shipped in a separate box to the head. I ship through NZ post which is tracked and insured, and I will always declare the full value of the items in the shipping documentation. Packages usually take about 1 - 2 weeks to reach their destination.
Also please make yourself aware of any import fees for your country. The buyer is responsible for paying these.

Again, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or have anything you'd like to discuss.

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Congratulations to isaned, winner of this auction!
This auction is now closed for bidding.

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Auction #: 1096612
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