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Toonsuits Hyena Fullsuit - No Reserve!
Category:   Fursuits : Full Suits : General Audience Auction Ends in 2 days 22 hours
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Opening Bid: $700.00 Current Bid: $700.00
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Auction Start: Sep-12-17 15:12:58 PDT Auction Ends: Sep-22-17 19:12:58 PDT
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Auction Image
Auction Description

Up for bids is a used Hyena full-suit made by Toonsuits in 2003. At the time this was his cutting edge design with all-Velcro closures made to be able to be donned and removed by oneself without assistance. The body suit features a strong Velcro closure along the left seam and Velcro-secured padding in the legs (pads are removable to accommodate heftier wearers). The foot paws feature a double-Velcro closure to keep them securely on your feet so you can dance and clop around without fear of them coming off.

Will fit a very wide range of body types from 5'6" tall (1.65 meters) to 6'4" tall (1.95 meters) and weight from 120 lbs (55 kilos) to 350 lbs (160 kilos). The foot paws are men's size 10.5 though I've had a friend with men's size 12 feet wear them without too much discomfort. This suit is made to look great on any body type and the sleeves and legs have extra length which can be rolled-up or taken-in to fit just about anyone.

Two heads are included in this auction. The head on the left in the picture is the original head crafted by Toonsuits and is very comfortable and spacious with ample room for fans if you'd like to install any (I never needed any as it allows for good airflow). The other head was made by Matrices and features a Velcro mohawk made of real sable mink fur - it's much more form-fitting and therefore hotter with no room to install any fans.

This suit was worn a couple dozen times in the early 2000's and hasn't been worn since 2010. It is clean and well cared-for with very minor wear - the footpaws are in excellent condition and the soles are practically new (made of very rugged ribbed material with excellent traction - Toonsuits is a pro suit maker). It has been stored away from pets and animals, though we do have cats at home - buyer be warned (though I don't think it will be an issue).

This was my first suit and I have nearly 15 now, so it's time to send this cute, toony guy to a new home! This is one of the coolest suits I've ever worn and it has ample room for cooling vests/belts and the like - I've literally worn this suit for over 8 hours at a time without break, that's how cool and comfortable it is. If you have any questions, please leave a comment - I'll be happy to answer!

Winning bidder pays shipping - please note with the head and foot paws it will be heavy and bulky, so shipping might be very expensive, especially for international bidders. Shipment Tracking and Insurance available at-cost to the winning bidder. I'm also willing to meet-up in-person in Northern California for delivery if you pay for gas! I prefer Paypal but will also consider USPS Money Orders or Bank Money Orders (or cash in-person) - ask in advance before bidding if not using Paypal. Payment is required within 5 days of auction close or the suit will be relisted.

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Auction #: 1095837
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