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Brand New Caribou Full Suit
Category:   Fursuits : Full Suits : General Audience Auction Closed
Seller: TheFurCollective (15) (More...) Weasyl Logo FurAffinity Logo DeviantArt Logo High Bidder: rakiss (2)
Opening Bid: $1000.00 Current Bid: $4600.00
Quantity: View FAQ for this item 1 Total Bids: 39    (Bidding History) View FAQ for this item
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Reserve Status: View FAQ for this item Reserve has been met. Shipping from: Arizona
Auction Start: May-15-17 20:32:08 PDT Auction Ends: May-22-17 20:46:34 PDT
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Payment: Seller accepts: USPS Money Orders, PayPal (Credit Card), See Description for Details
Shipping: Seller ships to: United States, International, See Description for Details
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Auction Image
Auction Description
Brand New Caribou Fullsuit from TheFurCollective!



More pictures (larger pictures!) on my FurAffinity! -

PLEASE double/triple check all of your measurements before bidding! If the suit doesn’t fit, you may return it but there will be a fee! (This fee, which will be fully paid for by the winning bidder, would include return shipping, as well as up to an additional 100$ But that’s better than being out 2500$+) PLEASE check your measurements! If you have any questions I will be more than happy to help! Comment here or send me an email.


HALF of the Payment is Required within 72 hours, the rest within ONE MONTH If you cannot pay in this time frame, do not bid! I am pretty strict on that.

Please do not contact me on any other site other than Furbuy or my email regarding this auction. Please do not ask for any exceptions to rules listed, I will not make any exceptions to price, or method of payment. Please keep all conversation and questions in the comments section on Furbuy or to my email.

I accept MONEY ORDERS and PAYPAL. If you have never gotten a money order before, it is a pretty painless process and I would be happy to help explain it to you! If you live in the Tucson, Arizona area, I will take cash as well and we can meet in person.

Note! This mask has been in the presence of kitties. If you are severely allergic, please do not bid! If you have lesser cat allergies, I have a product that is supposed to help with that, which I can treat the suit with :)


This purchase will include-


-Foam on Balaclava

-Fits up to a 24 Inch Circumference Head (Anything under 22” is a bit loose, but not impossible. 23” is most comfortable)

-Unfortunately, there is no room for glasses

-Following Eyes

-Removable antlers, attached primarily by magnets. Antlers are made from foam. These antlers are sturdy and do not flop around.

Please note- This mask is a little heavier than our other masks due to the antlers.

Hand Hooves

-The hand hooves are medium sized. If your measurements equal or are smaller than these, you’re good. If your measurements come close and you aren’t sure, ask!

Longest Finger- 3.5”

Circumference of Finger Base- 2.5”

Circumference of Mid-Forearm- 14”

Palm Width- 6”

These hand pieces measure about 16” long, and reach to most person’s elbows. This means that these hands will not slip out of the arm sleeves.

The hoof fingers are made of dense foam. The hands are three-fingered, and do NOT have much dexterity. You will want to have a handler for suiting up.


-The footpaws act a lot like a slipper!

-Very comfortable, lined inside for comfort.

-Size: Do not exceed US shoe Men’s 12 (If your feet turn out to be quite a bit smaller, you can always stuff extra socks around your feet) They fit very comfortably on a US men’s 8 1/2 to men’s 11.

-Fits up to a 17” around mid-calf to ankle.

-Outdoor Feet- These feet are hardy and will survive long outdoor parades

-Spot-Clean Only

Hoofs are made from dense foam


-Measures about 8” long

-Very Soft and Cuddly

-Attaches via Belt through a hole in the back of the bodysuit


Front Zipper

The inside is NOT lined, I highly suggest wearing underarmor to protect your skin if it is sensitive, and also to help extend the life of your fursuit by keeping the sweat away from the material. I wear this product, and I really like it! -

This suit is Digitigrade, and so includes leg padding which stay in place with built-in pockets.

This bodysuit was made from a male pattern that is 5’10” and 195 pounds. You can be a few inches taller, or shorter. You can also be thinner, or heavier (Might be too tight if you are 5’10” and 210 pounds) If you are close to these measurements, please still check all the rest of the measurements to ensure a good fit!

Arm Length- 19 1/2” from pit to wrist (Feel free to add or subtract up to 3” here)

Leg Inseam- 31 1/2” from crotch to heel (Feel free to add or subtract up to 3” here)

Waist- 43” Around widest part of butt (Must stay smaller than 50”)

Tummy- 38” (Can add up to 3” here)

Bust- 40” around widest part of chest (Do not exceed 45”)

Bicep Circumference- 13” (add or subtract only 2” here)

Do NOT Suck in your tummy or squeeze any parts of yourself for your measurements! They will be incorrect!

Additional Information

If your hand or footpaws do not fit, please send them back and I will be happy to make you new ones for only the price of shipping (both directions) It may take 2-4 weeks to complete. If you are already aware that your hands or fit will not fit (but the body will) let us know once you’ve won the auction, we will make you new pieces before shipping the costume.

If your arms or legs are short or long, or at the shortest or longest range of the comfort zone, I will be happy to add or remove some length to the arms and legs.

I will include courtesy cleaning and care instructions!


Shipping fees include tracking and insurance. We ship USPS. At this time, we are not accepting rush shipping options.

We will need to calculate your shipping cost based on your location. We will send the costume to anywhere that GXG ships (global express guaranteed) which is most of the world. Do expect a hefty shipping cost if you live outside of the U.S. and do not forget about customs fees on top of that. You can expect shipping to cost in the range of 80-150$ within the US and as high as 600$ internationally.

I will have to calculate your shipping if you live outside of the US. You will be responsible for all customs and extra fees for your specific region. Please note that shipping outside the US can be VERY expensive.

I am only shipping the fullsuit out after receiving full payment! Please allow me 3-5 business days to ship out your fullsuit after receiving the full payment. I will keep you updated with pictures, if you want :)

Allow up to 1-3 weeks for arrival if you live in the US and 2-10 weeks for shipments outside of the US.

Again, if you have any questions, please comment or email me, my email can be found on my userpage.

Happy bidding!
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Auction #: 1095074
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