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Lemonbrat Bluejay Gryphon Fullsuit
Category:   Fursuits : Full Suits : General Audience Auction Closed
Seller: Oshi (5) (More...) MyPage Logo Twitter Logo FurAffinity Logo High Bidder: No Bids Placed
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Auction Start: Jun-24-17 22:52:45 PDT Auction Ends: Jun-28-17 20:52:45 PDT
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Payment: Seller accepts: PayPal (Credit Card)
Shipping: Seller ships to: United States
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Auction Description
Premade purchased at MFF 2016, worn for a couple hours there, New Years Furry Ball, Anthro New England, and Furthemore.
Really hate to part with it, but I've got a maelstrom of money problems goin' on. Besides, as much as I admire it as a piece of art, someone else could certainly bring it to life better than I.

Disinfected after each wear and machine washed since last.

Gorgeous black tipped blue fur on it complimented with rabbit and seal furs. One of LB's more unique designs in general, imo.

Fits up to 5'9, 40" chest/waist/hips. Head is fully adjustable like all LB heads. Feet have been modified to use your own shoes; Came with size 12 shoes, my own size 11 mens fit fine inside.

Comes with a bluejay print bandana with hidden pocket, a badge with art by me, Certified Lemonbrat badge, and Lemonbrat's care folder. I have also added a phone pocket inside the chest.

I'd prefer no payment plans, I'd absolutely need it paid in full by the end of July. I recommend looking into Paypal Credit to cover what you can't afford up front.

In person delivery available within 2hrs of Philadelphia, or at Anthrocon
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Auction #: 1094965
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