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Custom Adoptable
Category:   Artwork : Digital : General Audience Auction Closed
Seller: firstwolf (33) (More...) MyPage Logo High Bidder: No Bids Placed
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Auction Start: Jul-14-17 21:34:50 PDT Auction Ends: Jul-22-17 05:34:50 PDT
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Auction Image
Auction Description
I will color this canine line art or a similar line art of a Feline, Sergal or Dutch Angel Dragon according to your description of your fursona. Your description can be as vague as merely providing a color palette or a live image for reference.
I will gladly spend hours talking about minuscule details to make the colors just right, but I will not make any large change to the line art itself. I can instant message and chat on steam, Discord, skype, and TeamSpeak.
I will need at least 1 Week End to finish the art, regardless of wich options listed below is requested and I will not send any art, drafts or sketches until fully paid.

These prices are in addition to the bidding cost.
Complex colors: +0$
Your line art: +0$
Superior line art: +1$

If you provide line art it must be at most 3 full body poses. Half bodies or single limbs not attached to the full bodies can be discussed (Such as extra detailed heads, tails, and wings).
I reserve the right to refuse your line art if I find it worse than the basic line art or in any way disturbing, ask before bidding if in doubt.

This auction will use line art from Theory_0f_3verything found here on
The superior line art will be by Zambuka, mail me for examples.
DAD line art by Haxzure:
The examples include male and female versions of a wolf, husky and fox in both plantigrade and digitigrade types.
I can add horns, spikes and other similar small details to the line art on request, but only for the line art made by Theory_0f_3verything.
You may not alter the art in a way there remove or make the text more difficult to read, but you may use the art in any other normal way.

This can be useful for when you want to commission a more seasoned artist for high-quality reference sheet or even to create your fursuit.

All earnings from this auction will be donated to candy for seller to eat.

If you have any questions sent an Email or use the furbuy communications, I usually answer within 24 hours.
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Auction #: 1092592
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