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My Little Pony Dr. Hooves 10.5" Plush by 4DE
Category:   Plush Toys : General Audience Auction Closed
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Auction Start: Jan-29-17 15:25:45 PDT Auction Ends: Feb-5-17 19:25:45 PDT
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Auction Description

Dr. Hooves is a well-groomed stallion with a (maybe?) mytsterious past. His body is shaped differently from his mare friends for a more colt-ly look and he also comes with his own necktie. He stands about 11 inches tall from hoof to head and he's probably counting down the minutes to when he'll make a new friend!

You can choose between two versions of Dr. Hooves! Do you like him with classic eyes or with a slightly coy look?

S&H is $5 USA, $23 worldwide!
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Auction #: 1090908
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