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'Death and Life' Sculpted Fox Skull Pendant/See additional pics!
Category:   Artwork : Originals : General Audience Auction Closed
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When I find a skull or bones in a natural setting they are often crawling with life...and not always in a disgusting way, haha. I find bones that have plants growing over them and have become homes to spiders, lizards, snails, mushrooms and more. Rodents chew bones and antlers for minerals crucial to their health, too. Death always begets new life in nature, and with this detailed red fox skull pendant/art piece I wanted to convey that.

The naturally deceased red fox skull has been sculpted over with tree branches, handmade leaves and acorns while flowered vine tendrils creep in and out of the skull's openings. On closer inspection you'll delight in the tiny surprises: a ladybug here, a hiding spotted lizard there, a set of mushrooms sprouting inside one eye socket, a spider web. The teeth have been painted to suggest tree bark, or tree roots, while I removed a few tiny incisor teeth and replaced them with clear quartz crystal shards for a hint of sparkle. Clear resin 'dew drops' gleam wetly on some of the leaves. The skull has a satin finish with a few glossy parts.

One last treat: when you turn the lights off the skull comes to life with tiny glowing stars and a hidden crescent moon, while those mushrooms take on a faint glow of their own. :)

'Death Begets Life' is entirely hand sculpted and hand painted in multiple layers to add depth. The skull is a hair over 5 inches in length and hangs on a high quality antique copper chain (20 inch) with strong latch clasp for wearing. A stunning addition to any cosplay or a new favorite pendant for any nature-loving soul!

The glow effect is triggered by simply exposing the skull to a bright light and then turning the lights off.

!!***Please click the links below to see additional photos!! One photo does nothing to convey the detail and work put into this piece, so those extra photos are an absolute must-see!***!!

Gift boxing available for an added fee. This piece will be shipped to you priority via USPS. USA sales only, all wildlife laws apply. Shipping is FREE!
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Auction #: 1090303
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