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A Dragon's Poison
Category:   Books/Comics : Adult/Sexual Content Auction Closed
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Auction Start: May-24-17 06:04:10 PDT Auction Ends: May-31-17 20:04:10 PDT
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Love. Lust. Betrayal. Cockzilla is a big lizard, and he's come to make it big in America. Unfortunately, what he wants belongs to others, and he's not afraid to take it. On his quest for stardom, Cockzilla leaves behind more than just a trail of cigar smoke and used condoms. Can Roland and Nekkie repel his advances? Is Henna aware of his plot to take over? Is there any way to stop this monster, who is crueler and more domineering than his fearsome visage would indicate? A Dragon's Poison: A dramatic new level of furry erotic fiction.

S&H is $5 USA, $13 anywhere else! Combined shipping available!
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Auction #: 1088196
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