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Category:   Fursuits : Full Suits : General Audience Auction Closed
Seller: Jinglan (1) (More...) LiveJournal Logo High Bidder: MistDog (15) FurAffinity Logo DeviantArt Logo
Opening Bid: $20.00 Current Bid: $285.00
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Auction Start: Jun-28-16 23:24:46 PDT Auction Ends: Jul-8-16 20:24:46 PDT
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Hi everyone!
Iím moving and need to rehome my first quadsuit, Sadaharu (from Gintama), as he is far too big to take with me. He needs to go by early July, otherwise he will be going in the trash. :( I really donít want that to happen since I love this costume, so I will consider any offer! PLEASE READ ENTIRE LISTING BEFORE BIDDING, THANKS!


VIDEO: (password: quad)



SADAHARU HEAD: Super cute, hollow, made from rigid construction foam. Fairly lightweight, and you can rest the base on your shoulders when your neck starts to get tired. Includes a full-head, womenís baseball helmet that is NOT INSTALLED. Hand-painted eyes, durable epoxy nose, airdry clay teeth, foamie gums, and a fleece tongue. Jaw is removeable/adjustable. *NOTE: Vision is extremely limited. Head needs modification from buyer, please see note below.

ARTICULATED STILTS: Constructed from PVC pipe with articulated joint that moves as you walk. It works quite well. Arms have a wooden handle inside for control and comfort. Simply slip your hands in or out if you need to use them. They are sturdy, but I would be hesitant to slam my full weight down on them - please use caution and common sense, and check for needed repairs each time before you put it on.

WHITE BODYSUIT: Without the head, this bodysuit can be used as a generic white quadruped - dogs, wolves, cats, or even a polar bear (would be a PERFECT Naga from Legend of Korra, for example). If you make separate heads, you can get a LOT of mileage and value out of this bodysuit.
Bodysuit has removable padding, a back zipper, and detachable delrin-rod tail attached to a foam base. Fits up to 5í 8Ē or shorter with the padding, up to 5í 10Ē with some padding removed. The foam is constructed like a shell so there is plenty of room for a person 200+ lbs or for a cooling vest. The bodysuit is very large, so it could possibly fit larger, you just might see your ankles - but that is easily modified by adding more fur. Fur fabric used is MM Fox and the shorter pile MM fur, super high quality, thick, and soft.

FEET PAWS: Slipper-style, built onto sandals, unlined, can fit anywhere between 6-10 women (5-8 men), with some wiggle room.


Other notes: I am able to wear this costume for about 30-45 minutes before needing a break. Costume is easy to get in and out of through the back zipper with help from a handler (practice at home with your handler first). Iíve worn this costume about 3 times for a total of 2-3 hours. The suit has been completely washed and air-dried, though some of the foam is a bit dusty. For safety, it is recommended that you be in good physical condition, stay hydrated and cool, and ALWAYS have a handler when wearing a quadsuit. Buyer assumes all risk.

Want the bodysuit but canít use the head? I will consider selling only the bodysuit if you are interested (same price, less shipping), but priority will go to anyone who wants to take the full suit with the head.



Sadaharu needs someone with experience building/repairing fursuits in order to be brought to his full potential. Basic sewing/construction techniques and tools are all you need. The bodysuit is wearable as-is, but the head needs a bit of work to be worn. I would prefer to do it myself, but I unfortunately donít have the time while moving and need to get him out ASAP. I am HEAVILY discounting this suit to reflect this and hopefully make up for the time needed to have him repaired. PLEASE BID ONLY IF YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH BASIC FURSUIT CONSTRUCTION OR HANDY/WILLING TO LEARN IN ORDER TO REPAIR THIS SUIT.

- Helmet is included, but not installed. Need to be comfortable drilling/sanding foam. May need to purchase a new helmet that will fit you.
- Vision is almost non-existent needs to be improved (either through mouth or with a small mounted camera/goggles set up - NOT INCLUDED)
- Ventilation in head needs to be improved. There is a hole in the top of the head (covered with mesh + fur) and an opening in the mouth, but drilling more holes (in the nose, ears, or behind eyes) and installing fans (plenty of room for this) is highly recommended.
- Attach fur to bottom of head to hide space between head/body (fur included, just needs to be attached)
- Sew up holes around tail area
- Attach bodysuit to foam permanently (if wanted - itís currently held on to the ďcollarĒ with safety pins, which works just fine
- Feetpaws are worn down but still useable, may need to consider remaking them
- Any other minor modifications to make it fit you better, such as adding/shaving down foam (may not need any)
- Any finishings you want to include, such as lining the head/body (optional)


THIS SUIT IS IDEAL FOR SOMEONE: - who wants a versatile quadsuit but wants to start from something that is premade instead of from scratch
- with experience sewing/constructing suits or is willing to learn
- has time/patience to make the needed modifications before wearing
- with a large workspace to store/work on a giant costume
- in great physical shape who knows their limits
- has a friend or friends that will be available to act as a handler
- who doesnít mind getting lots of attention (both kids and adults will FLOCK to you with this thing on)
- who likes saving money on a fully-functional quadsuit that just needs a little TLC!


Serious bids only. I cannot accept payment plans, refunds, or returns as I will be moving and cannot handle them. Buyer pays shipping - the boxes will be huge so please account for this cost (may be upwards of $100 or more depending on your location). I donít know if I can ship internationally as it will probably cost a LOT, but I am willing to work with you on this if you are not based in the US. Please send payment in full within 72 hours of the auctionís closing. PayPal only, please. I am based in Oregon, USA. Please comment or message me with any questions.
On Jul-1-16 16:27:13 PDT the seller added the following:
EDIT TO ADD: The lot will also include a bag of large white fur scraps of MM Fox, Teddy Bear, and Arctic Fox.
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Auction #: 1086308
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