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Shiba Inu Partial Suit!
Category:   Fursuits : Partial Suits Auction Closed
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Auction Start: Jun-11-13 18:01:05 PDT Auction Ends: Jun-11-13 21:04:24 PDT
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Auction Description
Hello everyone! How are you? :)

Your looking a Semi-realistic Shiba Inu Partial suit for sale! This is in mid-condition and only has been worn-4-5 times. The suit is clean and washed, with a small bit of vision problem, nothing a little fix can do to.The suit comes with:

- Head. Fits around 22" or more. The head is a bit big for me.Very comfortable! On top of the head is Japanese Kanji marking that says ' Outsider '. The head is a foam-based structure with comfortable padding inside. Able to fit almost anyone.

- Hand Paws. Small glove sized. The paws are semi-realistic that are five fingered with rubber realistic paw pads and black claws.

- Feet paws. 8 1/2 in women's shoes. You can adjust them into into outdoor. I've worn them outdoors and had no problem with them being outside! They're regular feet paws with no pads underneath, only with black claws.

- Fluffy, large Tail. The tail is adjustable as you can direct the tail to any side and it's bouncy. It's attached to a stretchable strap that will fit onto any waist.

-Semi- realistic glass eyes. The vision needs to be adjustable as the eyes needs to be replaced to make it more seeable. The vision is tear-ducted and eyes can be replaced with better vision structure.

- Movable jaw. The jaw set including the claws and pawpads are made by Monoyasha. The jaw isn't connected to the foam based structure. The Jawset is attached to stretch straps that straps on top of the head to the chin to make it movable.

** The reason why I'm selling this lovely suit is because my fursona has gone through a huge design change and I'm currently getting her commissioned and revamped and I'm saving money for college. I need to sell this suit very soon as I'm selling her at a affordable price!

This design used to be on my fursona, but I changed her design and this current design didn't suit her.

**If the bid reaches to $400.00, the shipping will be for free. In addition to this, you'll receive 2 drawings of this design including a thank-you card from myself, and a commissioned badge that I'll gladly get for you!

I'm willing to ship international as well. I also accept payment plans as well. I accept Paypal only!

Your welcome to make this design into any species you like.

**Once you buy this suit, please make sure you contact Que-Sera-Sera on Furaffinity to let her know that you've purchased this suit from me as she is the maker of this suit and if you wish to fix the vision up a bit, I'll gladly send the head to Que and get it fixed up for you. :)

**If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and I'll get to you ASAP. Thank-you so much for looking and good luck!
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Auction #: 1044275
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